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All Over Again

“Good morning :) I dream of u... Am not gonna tell u what’s it’s about... First of all I love u! I want another chance, another shot at loving u... I’ve been so stupid and realize that to let u go is not an option... The idea of u being with someone else other than me, should never happen... Again am gonna say I love u! Give me chance, am gonna make it right this time...”

I was smiling broadly. That’s what he said to me few days ago. Owh! Pardon me, he text me actually. And I think I’m terribly predictable to you guys who read my blog. The only reason why ‘indecisiveness’ won’t leave me… Because I am ONE. I did not say that I forgive and forget. I did not say that I’m the person to lick what they spit. It’s just that, perhaps… Could be… Am I?

Up till today, he did show some love to me. Appreciate me, always asking about me… The side that once, I could only wish he showed. Somehow, when I’ve stop wishing, it come tumbling down… And I was there to grasp it, for how long – that, I do not know. Well, yes… He’s still the one I knew before, but with a little more of sweetness.

When all of you decide to post a comment on this blog, just say what you wanted to say. Just write it down. Just tell me, am I stupid or am I too patiently in love with him? I rarely think about the future. I do what I think I want to do. I do what I think I’m supposed to do. But the problem is, I got choices. And I suck in choosing the right choice. Ha-ha!

I’m waiting for what your responses on this. At least I could accept those advices and keep it in this empty head of mine. A month or two of waiting couldn’t be that hurtful, could it?


  1. the girl in the school bus with the red hair is Tom Hanks's daughter Elizabeth Hanks.
    interesting isn't it :)
    nway thx for your comment at my pic.

    "A month or two of waiting couldn’t be that hurtful, could it?


  2. well, i dont know.. i think it still hurts at times.. but at least i waited til the end of that "storyline" so i wont have any regrets of wat i might have got.

    if i walk away now... there's too many "what if.." questions poppin out! hehe~