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Why I Am Not Engaged?

Heck! And there goes another two of my friends, got themselves engaged last weekend! *ROFL* Congrats to both!

Hanie (see The Soulful)

and Marina :D

Don’t ask me when I will do the honor of declaring myself as someone else’s. As confident as I am writing and admitting it right now, there will be NONE for at least a year or so :) But unless, Matthew would come here and marry me of course… *WISHFUL THINKING* or Amie would do so too, or even Azmir (Ouh, and his mum approves it this time) *SIGH*

Why I am not engaged? Well, why should I? To have someone to share your daily life with; I got my bestie(s) to do that. To have someone to share my problems with; hell THEY’RE the one that gives me problems as I recalled the last time I’m with someone. On top of all – to feel love; Bahaha! Seriously, I got all the love that I can handle right now. Yes, SERIOUSLY! So could someone convince me why I need one right now?

Ouh and for those who been asking, whether Damien is in his good condition; yes. He is doing far too well. And I think he grew longer :D That’s good! No pictures for now, since I’m too busy with work and all. Ah! To those who don’t know Damien, he’s my pet snake :) Who’s adorably macho – well I love to brag about him… He definitely deserved it :D

Ouh last week I got bored and cut my hair :D Yes, yes, some already saw it live and in Friendster, Myspace or Facebook. But here’s a picture of it, AGAIN for bloggers viewing pleasure :P (yes, am fishing for compliment! Ha-ha!)

Ouh and thanks for Kanda Kerry for accompanying me with my silliness this month :) Ha-ha! Fuck, Matthew’s birthday and Lala’s is sooo freaking near :D Ouh, bondage photoshoot anyone?

And Shrek, you got me pretty annoyed since freakin last month!!!


  1. hee suda updet takmo kasi tau ehh.. Mekaseh di atas kesudian mengambil gambo aku :D (BIG HUG!!) hehehe. Excited mau tgk pic2 yg lain yg diedit ok..sile bg tgk k? jgn duk peram utk ular ko plak yer :D

  2. bahaha! welcome welcome :P
    ye ye, nnt aku update aku bgtau..
    ala, yg nie pic smlm, mls aku nk cakap.. hahaha!

    pape nnt aku taruk kt deviantart la kot :D

  3. Love is not hard to find; you can be in love with your laptop or Damien for that matter! It's finding decent guys that what makes it hard!

    These type on men are almost non-existence in the new world. Especially if you're looking in Malaysia, but of course, that's because I'm biased.

    I've been waiting for the day, a Malaysian man would prove me wrong...and still waiting. And because of that, my point still stands. :)

    Most are just dickheads anyway.

    Har har har.

  4. ahaha! i rest my case :P

    i am for one, have to agree with you at certain level.. and i am in love with NOT a Malaysian guy right now.. and he's better than a 30 years old man i know.. more matured..

    ah then again, most of the men i met and tried to approach me are dickheads.. haha! only a few that i could really cherish them for the rest of my life..

    ouh love, where art thou..?

  5. Quoted "I've been waiting for the day, a Malaysian man would prove me wrong...and still waiting."

    There was a mistake there, I just reread that that it sounded like a subliminal statement that made as if I was looking for a Malaysian bf where in truth, I was merely stating a fact that I am yet to be proven wrong of saying most Malaysian men are asswipes.

    LOL I guess their dangling genitalia isn't the only "dick" attached; their heads too!

    Lucky them for having you as someone who'd cherish them. I'm not that nice, it'd be the end of the world if I were to be kind to ex-bfs/flings (not that I have many anyway, LOL)

    Good luck with your boy babe! Cross cultural relationships sure need a lot of testicular fortitude! Because I'm certainly trying to stretch myself further in order to keep my relationship intact!

    Wow, I'm so in a wordy-day. Too much words for a comment. HAHA

  6. bah! as much as i wanted to accept that "good luck" charm u gave me between me and my boy.. its far beyond our reach.. he's there in US, me here in Malaysia and we both broke.. hahahaah!

    cherish yes, but only one particular ex. nothing happened between us whilst the relationship.. just some unwanted family involvement.. he's the only one who could convince you; there is a good malay indeed.. ahaha!

    he's in UK now, studying.. and he'll be back end of this month.. holiday aku nnt together2 :P

  7. Mantap, Sharp, Len kali leh amek lagi neh :D Hmm tapi gamba yg bwh skali tuh xclear lar.. kalau clear lg cun kot :D

  8. alaaa.. bwh skali tue pkai hp je..
    aku sruh ckp comel ke tak.. bkan comment gambar sharp or not.. haha!
    marah la niee!! ahahahaha :P

  9. hi..found ur blog while blog-hopping from hanie's blog. gamba u amek sume cantek and u pakai d40 eh?? hope u dun't mind sharing some tips with me. sbb nyer i ada d40 jugak tp tak reti sgt nak amik gamba camtek mcm u punya :)

  10. aduh sayang.. not all of em cantik lah.. itu pics yg tercantek berjaya terpilih masuk dalam internet.. kadang2 ada je amik gambar tak jadi..

    i dont have any tips.. since am not reading any pun.. coz am a forgetful kinda person.. ape baca pun lupa nnt.. so i just snap sesuka hati asal i sendiri rasa lawa..

    its art sayang, nothing needs to be perfect in art :D jom lah kuar jalan2 amik2 gambar.. hohoho!

  11. 'nuthin needs to be perfect in art', <- words to live by @_@

  12. teddy gedik!!!

    ko perli aku ke ape tue..
    ahahahaha! tapi betul la kann :D

  13. 'jom lah kuar jalan2 amik2 gambar.. hohoho!' --> owhhh,ayat ini lah yang saya tunggu2..suke-suke!!outing sambel blaja.ehehe. bila dah dimana?? ajak hanie skali :)

  14. >.< tapi aku tiada transport..
    bahahaha!! hanie perlu diajak sbb dia ade keta... ahahaha!!

    aku mane ade ajar pape..
    komen2 leh la kot..
    >.< ada gallery ke kt mana2?

    aku nyer kt

    biasa aje lahh XD

  15. ehehe..yer sila lah ajak hanie :)..classmate masa blaja dulu, tp dulu tak bertegur sapa pon. senyum2 tuceng je. gallery tu idok le teman ada. selfcollection je lah. segan lah gamba tak seberapa. ym! me ok bebila nak kuar jalan2-> ahhazlin@yahoo

  16. amboii bella.. dpt kwn baru xigt kat aku dah.. xder2.. kene ajak aku skali.. aku pon nk bajar dgn ko :)

  17. ahahaha! sialan ko :P
    sape yg lagi hebat...
    ko ke aku..

    sape lah aku dimata ko..

    kte org nie pakai D40 jee..
    ahahaa! ajak la.. bwk tunang ko..
    korang jadi model.. ahaha!

  18. hehe..yer sila lah ajak hanie :)..classmate masa blaja dulu, tp dulu tak bertegur sapa pon. senyum2 tuceng je. --> tehehe...meow meow aje eyh :D tak tersangka plak buleh jumpe dlm blog2 nih kan :D

    Bella: wahh aku akan menjadi model ka? atau tukang pembawa keta? hehehe model eh? dgn encik tunang eh? buleh sgt!! aku soka! :D

    memandangkan aku takda dslr mcm korang...model aje la yg dpt aku jd huu (ayat merendah diri hokkay!) :P

  19. hanie - mak enchek sangat hebat bermodeling ogehh.. sexy amat :D ahaha! yup yup.. nnt we all go outing.. korang la .. bile free nyer?

  20. huehue ko puji ke perli aku tu bella..aku takat model skema2 bolela..tkmo la seksi meksi nih :P eh? takat nih blom free lagi..tehehe...tungguuuuu! :P

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