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Flying, Soaring – Away!

"Do you know what it feels like loving someone
that's in a rush to throw you away?"

Out from that new catchy song from Enrique, Do You Know – there’s a pain struck down upon me when I realise the lyrics in it. Yes, I do know what it feels like. Few times eventually. And yet again, here I am still. I know I haven’t be writing for a few days. Even when I got the time during my weekends. Just been doing some thinking. A deep one, to be specific.

Silly little heart of mine wanting to stay and wait for a spark of miracle to happen. But, wait no longer; I supposed. I have decided to move on. How later in life I might be more sad, I know I have made a right decision. I rather to hurt myself alone than having the cause of hurting because of someone else. So, lovely heart of mine, do remember this; because I won’t say it again… “Heart, did I told you before to stop wishing upon the stars? They are dying, for god’s sake!” LOL!

At this very moment, 11:54am, a message been sent to Riq. Wrote, “Sayang, I’m going.” I feel a lighter me deep inside. Am I content with my choice? Perhaps. Wow, 11:56am he replied, “Ok.” Bella, are you crying? No, just speechless. Ha-ha. No goodbyes, thank yous or anything. Now I have the feeling of hateful. A hateful feeling for him… Am I what I think I am? Owh, you don’t have to know what I’m thinking right now. Just be happy for the choice I have made. And I know I am right, this time!

Owh, how I wish I could say the things Iris said to Jesper! Which goes like this… Ha-ha! And yes, I am making an effort to write this down.

“Shush. You broke my heart. And you acted like somehow it was my fault,
my misunderstanding, and I was too in love with you to ever be mad at you,
so I just punished myself!”

“Somehow newly entitles me to say, it's over.
This - This twisted, toxic THING between us is finally finished!
I'm miraculously done being in love with you! Ha! I've got a life to start living.”

Let’s fly away! Soaring between those fluffy white clouds… Hoping to be miraculously happy without having to kill those stars by wishing upon them!


  1. Anonymous12:39 am

    we can always think that he is the jerk,the ungrateful selfish man that we wish we would nvr have known or any of that kind..
    but dear bella..
    i think it's wise to leave someone who doesn't appreciate u as much..
    even more when he nvr says thank you to you..
    don't be mean to urself.u can be mean to others,well in some circumstance, but nvr to urself.remember that.
    u deserve to be happy.

  2. Anonymous12:40 am

    btw thats a comment from me.idy.xoxo.

  3. owh.. idy :)
    thankies.. yeah kinda lonely this way, but its for d best of my own self.. sayang she!

  4. I love the movie - The Holiday, Jasper is such a prick!

    I'm always online on yahoo, just buzz me whenever you feel lonely okay? PLUS I have a new cam that I'm so dying to show off to you :P


    And please add me back on myspace!!

  5. aku nih tak reti sgt ngan english ni. tapi takpe.... aku komen dah le. sedap gak lagu tema kt blog kamu nih... syabas :)