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A Lot Like Love

Hey ho! And it’s been a while I didn’t have any updates except for constant tagging entries in Facebook. Let’s see what’s new… I guess nothing much, honestly. Just a new, cute, gay-looking housemate named Scott who’s from Tennessee. *nods* he’s cute alright! Ha-ha and I got problem handling myself around him… But I think I’ll manage *wink*

And to those people who have been asking did I slept with him yet, the answer would be NO. LOL, and there’s nothing wrong with me or him. Bahaha! How funny few of my close friends would expect me to do something with him, since I got such a reputation in raping men? ROFL! Somehow, deep inside; having Scott here makes me missed Matthew a lot. And he’s been working like a dog, got tired when he’s back home, too many things to be settled… Well, that’s LIFE.

Ouh, life has been such a headache these few weeks. Somewhat, feels like I’m drowning with all my past feelings towards my bestie. Not that ‘I still want him’ feeling, but I do care about him. And this newly-arise problem seems to have quite an impact on me. I could write it down, just for the sake of letting it go. I always do that whenever I feel the burden’s too hard for me to handle. But, this time around, I can’t. But I thanked to those few people who’s been listening to my problem. And to Scott who throws Spongebob for me to hug instead of him himself. Enough about pathetically-sad stories, lets talk about the new Monkey in town *winks*

Ha-ha! So, he is Scott Neverdusky. My girls been waiting for me to spill everything I know about this young man. He’s a year older than me, so yeah… He’s average *cough* Asian height. ROFL! (Yup, he’s short). He’s a few inches taller than me, thin, has baby muscles and tries to build em more. He’s freaking talkative, and I like it. He tells me all kind of information and all his opinions about almost everything?

I just wish I could reply to him verbally as fast as I type all these words out from my keyboard. Yes, I barely can speak English. It scares me at times just to think that he would be awesomely bored of me not replying to whatever he says (and I think he IS bored coz of that, lmao!). He hates everything about French, from the language, to the people and even Paris itself. NEVER said Americans and Europeans are the same, it’s an insult to him. I can’t remember any opinions that he told me is contradicted to my way of thinking YET. So yeah, it’s all good… and we can both laugh it out loud. Finally, someone that I can bugged the whole day. Or is it the other way around… hmmm… O_o

So to the girls who are interested on him, you can send your resume to me via my email, or even straightly to his Facebook account. Just search for ‘Scott Neverdusky’ and you’ll see a poyo picture of him and his baby muscles. Make sure that you’re not taller than him. It’s a turn off. And make sure you not someone who needs to be spoiled constantly, it’s a turn off too. And acting like a princess, or have that arrogant ‘hey-am-the-hottest-chick-alive’ or being plain snobbish won’t help too (Ha-ha, monkey boy! How’s that for a helping hand?).

Hurm… Actually I have a lot of things to write today, but I think I’ll write em down later when I feel like it. Right now, I just wanna take things lightly. Oh I decided this year, I won’t be dwelling into any serious relationship, I won’t be somebody’s girlfriend; I’ll be just a friend. Coz I’m tired of all the crap people been giving me in return. Oh monkey boy, say I’m right...? *smiles* We can’t be too good, can we? Good people always loses with the jerks and bitches.


  1. facebook me lamerr tak update ghitewww.. ihihi

  2. lol :P
    hahaha~ do i know u btw?
    thanks for dropping by though :D

  3. "And to those people who have been asking did I slept with him yet, the answer would be NO"

    gamak ada orang nk tanya ko soalan tu. hahaha.

  4. well, believe it or not, on the first week itself got 3 friends of mind taunting me with d same question lol XD

    hahaha~! well i think my level of craziness are well-known XD darn XD

  5. hey, found you through youthmedia. i've got to say, i love the way you write. :)

  6. hey joanne :D
    thanks for clicking on mine :P

    yup this thing is freakin awesome :D