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Damien, My New Love <3

He’s the one who’s been keeping me busy for the whole week or two. He or she, that’s for me to find out later when he’s old enough to do the popping. “Popping” is what they call it – a process to sexing your corn snakes. And if he turns out to be a she, then she would have Jade as her name :) as for now, Damien as it is.

I got a LOT of people saying these phrases to me this couple of weeks;
“You’re crazy!”
“Don’t you have other animals to choose for a pet?”
“Euw! Put it close to me and I squash/stomp him dead!”
“I’m not gonna be overnight at your house anymore!”

And the most classic of all from my dad;
“You gonna eat that snake soon enough when you’re hungry…”
(He’s trying to condemn my eating habit LOL!)

Well, FYI this handsome young man doesn’t bite. He’s a tad hyper, which is good. And have a big appetite! Seriously, most would be fed once a week. But not him, I need to feed him twice! And of course I share this interest of petting a snake from my bestie, Amie – pet brother, whatever LOL! Ouh, did I mention, it’s still his snake since he bought it…

but yeah, this bloke sleeps with me :D

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  1. teehee XD yes yes..
    damien mmg sgt comel :D
    dia kacak :D

  2. ok. aku kalah. aku nak bela iguana but mom wont let me. nanti dah ada rumah sendiri aku akan beli.

    sangat cool, ok?

  3. bagi aku la.. bela ular ade sedikit sifat freak kat situ.. hahaha.. mata ular ni luar biasa besar eh? =)

  4. ape lagi perkara freakie yang u dah buat dengan damien ni?

    perempuan dan ular... wow!

  5. uh..i wish i could have one..lolz living with my sister, its forbidden to have such creatures :( ..but my aunt got a lots of big lizards,,in her backyards and orchards of course hahaha

  6. He's adorable?

    Do you really sleep with him?

  7. jasmin - ouh bestie ku punya iguana :) somehow am scared of iguanas rather than snakes.. haha! dia cam serious.. aku xske bila dia pandang2.. :P sangat cool? terima kasih :)

    Mohd Ismail - bagi kamu? owh TAK BOLEHH!! hahaha.. aku sayang dia :) beli la sendiri.. tak mahal pun.. below 500 dah leh dapat sekor ball python pun.. sifat freak? haha! benar.. juga sexy ;) mata dia aku xpasti.. besar dari yg lain ke tak.. tp dia comel :D

    nizam.nuri - beck penah tanya aku, ape aku buat dgn ular? dildo ke? haha! klu aku biar dia masuk, mampus aku nk tarik dia kuar balik! dia baby lagi :) few months je baru.. nothin freaky la done yet.. just letting him slides and creeps on my body (naked) if that might add to your interest? kissing him on daily basis.. haha!

    perempuan dan ular... wow! hotness ya? haha!

    lori - idk lori, most of them says no because they think its dangerous. try convincing them its not.. especially anery and amel cornsnakes.. they won't bite, and venomous :) or you could always move out.. LOL! and thanks for dropping by! :D

    Northern Lights Reptiles - ah, sleep by that means that he's at my place when i go to bed, though it was bought by my pet bro. sadly he's too small.. he might wonder off some place else when am sleeping.. or i might even squash him over LOL! but yeah, i would play with him before i turn off the lights.. and thanks for dropping by! you're new too !

  8. wut sleep wif snake..

    wooo anda sgt berani!!!

    dats hot n freak..

  9. wow wee...unique...unique...tapi kalau diberi pilehan aku pileh burong hantoo. :P

  10. LOL, ok.

    I'd be worried about him disappearing during the night, or about rolling over him too :-).

  11. Munirah Abd - ahaha! :P and thanks for dropping by :)

    mangosteenskin - surely mahal kot.. idk but last time arwah atok sedara aku bela, perhilitan ke ape ntah datang suruh bg dorg balik ke camne ntah.. lesen ke ape.. aku pun xsure.. owls gile macho.. aku pun ske :D nak2 color putih :D orgasm! haha!

    northern lights reptiles - teehee XD hope he'll grow bigger quick.. :) he's soo fragile rite now ;)

  12. huhuhu... besar mana dah si damien nie?

  13. ala.. xbesar pun.. rasanya panjang sket dari 30cm tue.. diameter dia sebesar jari kelinking saje :D

  14. up lagi gamba the sexy damien nih....

  15. just as soon as i could get him to stay freakin still!

    he knows when i wanted to snap him.. geram betul.. :P

  16. I have a friend who adores snakes. Funny thing is, when his snake is being hostile, he'd scream like a girl. haha.

    I almost chop the little bastard in pieces btw.

    Sorry, that was just my wrath for reptiles. LOL

  17. bahaha! my friend got few of them nk pull that lil fellow into two!

    thanks for dropping by Alia! great blog u got there.. :D

  18. waow. he looks sleek :D

  19. he's adorable la miko :P