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Day 2 :Your Favorite Movie

Like sad songs, I love sad movies too *sigh* yeah, I know... I'm SAD :P  Wow, to just pick a movie from all the movies I've watched my whole life; that's challenging.  I watch almost everything from chick flicks - comedy - drama (which is my fav) - musical - cartoon - animation - EVERYTHING; except for war and fighting movies. I can, but it could bore me easily.

But I think the only movie that really gets into me is Moulin Rouge. Whether I am happy nor sad, I could watch Moulin Rouge over and over again.  It's all into one, love, drama, musical, nice graphic (considering the year they produce it), the songs are marvelous! Most importantly, I believe the movie says who I am too.  In what I strongly believe in - TRUTH, BEAUTY, FREEDOM & most greatest of all - LOVE. <3  And yes, even for the 100th times I watched it, I would cry. 

We are creatures of the underworld. We can't afford to love!"

What can I say, Cinta terhalang memang favourite saya :D

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