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My Baby Shot Me Down!

As mentioned last week, Saturday is my first ever wedding shooting-session. And it went like hell, for me of course *LOL* There’s so many reasoning I could list up here; such as my camera works wonderful outside, rather than indoor. Secondly, I don’t have any speedlight to support my camera – which makes me snap all my pictures using low-light and not to mention the slow shutter speed, shaky BABY! Thirdly, there’s too much noise and too many blur pictures caused by all the above reasons :P

I don’t know whether my theories are true or not, but that’s that. And I realized something that day, I enjoy taking pictures of objects, children and outdoor of course. Oh yeah, and food photography too. NOT taking picture of people EATING food. We’re supposed to have an outdoor photo-session after ‘bersanding' ceremony, but it was raining heavily as usual. *GRR* Covering a wedding event is tiring, and if it can’t be done single-handedly. The least is two. And out of all the pictures I’ve taken, here are few of them that I really love watching and showing.

Ayu & Sayuti as the Bride & Groom :D

And of course the kids who made me smile constantly :)

Few of the objects that aren’t running away from me, LOL!

Bahaha! You could see more of them at my DeviantART gallery.

It was a wedding ceremony for Ayu (Air Asia stewardess) and Sayuti Zahit (Malaysian Rider). I even met my UiTM friend, Kak Yana! Eventually she’s related to the groom :) And she’s married now with a daughter aged around 1 or so. Bah! Now I wonder who I would be married to… Wish I could go to Missouri right now, grab and drag him to a chapel! Yes, you! *WINK*

After the wedding ceremony we all went to Leos, Ampang Park. And I finally got my own tripod! YAY! It costs me RM 60, thanks for Judo who’s doing the entire bargain – plus a LCD sticker protector for my D40 screen. Speedlight would cost me around RM 450-480. Do I really need a speedlight? Perhaps I do, though I don’t fancy it. Well, hope I’ll win a lottery tomorrow! ;) Ah, even better now… Teddy kindly offered me to pay half of the price I’m paying! Goodness, bless you, Teddy! *HUGS* before you guys out there start thinking negatively, STOP! Bah, he’s a good friend trying to help another friend ok… Quit having such a small, absurd mind.

Dinner’s my treat at a cafe (can’t remember the name) in the plaza itself – a big booth near an escalator. Good food indeed and not too pricey. I had Black Pepper Chicken Chop and Mocha Kiss Ice Blended :D Awesome with whipped cream, sprinkles of choc rice, extra pinches of coffee inside the blended mocha and few crushed choc chips! *MOUTH WATERS!* Ok, too much! It’s not that good, so stop craving Bella!

Are you looking for a photographer for yourself or your relatives, products nor food? Drop us a message and we’ll talk business :D Bahaha! You can click on Fazli Judo, Haniee Judo and Omar Bahrin’s link at the sidebar on your right, or just drop me an email at and we’ll contact you! Whoa, I’m not joking… and I’ve made a business card design! Tell me what you think!


  1. yeah, not having a speedlight is quit a dissipointment at times. its been almost 2 years since i bought my D50 still i couldnt get a decent add-ups to my D50. student life, waddaya expect rite.

    wow, rm480 for speedlight, cheap lor. sb-600? i can start saving now!!

  2. no lahh.. sb-600 might cost you around RM700+ mine's gonna be a decent nissin :)

    better than nothing lol..
    and i know how i CAN't keep my money.. haha!

  3. hanie9:49 am

    erk...well done cik belle! your pic's sooooo nice oke! hehe. Wah..sudah ade business card eh? buat kan aku satu! :D keep it up dear!

    p/s: anyway u mentioned my name...terasa malu jiwa raga ku ini :D behehe (pinjam gelak sat!) :P

  4. aha.. cik hanie :D
    blom print lg pun business card tue.. hoho~ boleh nk buat, tp xpelik utk anda ke? itu sgt gila punya card :D

    p/s: pc ku mati kembali.. tgu pc baru la kot.. haha! sumbangkan RM 10 kepada saya.. hahaha!

    elele!! kamu kan manager.. hahahaa!!

  5. erks..pelik ker? lalala pc tak btol plak dah? haa haa ko buat ape dgn itu pc gegege!

  6. pc tue mmg dh nk mampus dh..
    tgu time je -_-"


  8. hoho enchek fuzuri :D
    bila2 pun saya boleh mengekor..
    klu ade duit ah.. haha!

    gaji aku nie mau next week bru masuk kot.. hahaha!

  9. aiyak bella, ajak omar jerk..tak ajak akupun..(kekeke,mcm ko kenal aku erk). I'm struggle for speedlite also, my sister dah kutuk ckp indoor picture is really suck without it. She make me felt like to "terajang" aje dia masa tu. Currently, tgk godek2 dlsr lagi manalah reti sgt lighting2 ni.adei, my heart dah super sakit asyik kena kutuk jerk ni..OB pun rajin kutuk aku..adei..

  10. alalaa... meh la skali.. aku tgk ko pun xpenah.. hoho~ saya pun xreti lighting2 nie.. nk suruh omar ajar.. hahaha! ala.. omar mmg ske nyakat org..!

  11. huhu ngutuk aku disini...marilaa ...korg kena slalu gik konsert....baru ble imporve low lite punye pics...hahaha

    asik nk terang2..pastu pakai speedlite...miahahah...mana bes woo.. :D

  12. hooo.. then xyah pkai speedlite la? meh aku amik speedlite kamu enchek omar! hohoho~

    xde org nk bawa saya bersiar -_-"

  13. bella bella, pretty decent shots you have there. most of my wedding assignments.. me the solo ass. I have to admit its DAMN tiring. And everytime it happens, next day will be a recuperating day. Besides, being a solo ass, is boooooring. So its true, 2 asses is better than one!

    by the way, nice card!

  14. marshmallow thanks for dropping by, love!

    ohoho.. it's a very 'countable' amount of pretty decent shots... but yeah, am still new and tryin to learn..

    yeah for sure it's boring.. :P unless u know lotsa ppl attending d function :)

    2 asses are always better than one.. ;) 2 pair of asses too, lol!
    ah, thanks for the compliment.. i think am gonna print that card *LOL* since everyone seems to fancy it :P

  15. your photos are all nicely taken!!!
    so talented..


  16. thank you, darling :)
    i love your blog.. so kawaii!

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