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Day 3 : Your Idea for Perfect First Date

I was supposed to do this entry last Saturday, but I was at my hometown and the internet line over there is *&%^$# :D So, I was stuck.  

And, whoa... This is one of the questions that I've heard all too many times. Actually, I never imagined something too fancy on the first date.  I would even barely let the make-up touches my skin at times.  So don’t imagine me shows up with some glamorous dress etc.

First thing – make sure the partner remembers that she/he have a date with me.  I don’t want to skipped my dinner and wait for someone who’s not going to be there.  Other simple golden rules would be like be there on time, and stop bitching in the car about the traffic.  Seriously, you have lived your life for at least 25 years (well, imagining the youngest age that I would be dating), and you’ve been in and out of traffic all the time. Quit nagging along the way, it just spoils the mood.  Talk to me instead, or just turn on the radio and we could sing along in the car.

First place to look for is some eating place.  If you want to impress me, be ready with a reservation at that particular dining place.  But do check with me where you want to eat.  FYI, I don’t fancy Korean, Japanese nor Chinese cuisine.  Play safe by taking me to any Western, Italian, Arabic restaurants.  If you really don’t know what’s good, a simple fast-food joint would do. 

Start a good conversation. If somewhat you’re shy, let me know so I can break the ice.  I love a man who talks, triggering my mind with smart conversations.  SMART not SEX, ok?  Ask my friends, women or men both would say that I am open.  Even to the weirdest thing I have ever heard.  I am weird too sometimes.  But, that doesn’t mean that I am comfortable to talk to you; a person that I barely even knows about all these things. 

Yes, you can make jokes. But please, don’t pull of some stupid joke or making fun of other people.  Don’t brag! Seriously I hate having someone who’s bragging 24/7.  If you’re rich, then fine. If you’re poor, that’s fine too.  If you’re handsome, charming or even sexy for your own good, keep it to yourself.  I know if you’re all that; stop stating the obvious things. Oh yeah! Please avoid wearing your shirt's collar upwards, any big POLO sign on shirt or wear sunglasses in a shopping mall. -_-" memalukan.

Mostly on the first date, I think being able to chat for long hours would have meant that you’ve scored.  And I had a good time, good laugh and good food; you’ll be looking forward for the second date ;) Afterwards, either you send me back home, or maybe watch a movie.  Never hope for a goodnight kiss or something like that.  It doesn’t work.

Don’t text me more than 5 smses after the date.  We still have tomorrow.