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What Makes Me Happy?

It’s been so long since somebody asked me again, the very question – “what makes you happy?” somehow it took me quite a while (a few days actually) to figure out what does, eventually. Most people would say MONEY, but I don’t know; that really doesn’t cross my mind. Questions like this freaks me out at times, honestly. Since I’m living in this little world of mine, a façade I have created from a long time.

It has been ordinary to me, my life, I mean. Up till the point where little accidence occurs which changed me somehow. I don’t know whether those changes made a better person out of me, but yeah, lets just say – thank God, I think I made the right choice on few critical times in life. But yes, I have nothing to be proud of as in today.

Having a job as an Administration Executive, in an Oil & Gas company is not that fun; I can tell you that. Well almost every job gives you headaches, right? So yeah, I won’t complaint much. But I’m thankful to have such awesome bosses :) Nah, not fishing for a salary-raise but sure if you wanted to *WINKS*

I asked few of my sweethearts to answer the same question. Ouh Kel, I can’t retrieve my archive of our chat log! Darn! Somehow my YM Web-based doesn’t save any conversation with MSN >.<

Talking to you does :P it'd be even better if I could hug and squeeze you in person… (Me blushing all the way LOL!) I like nature, I like driving on the highway during summer and seeing stars at night… pizza, though sometimes pizza does get old…
* * * * *
a real job that I like, my own house, a girlfriend that likes me for me, more friends, money to enjoy hobbies, traveling, having my country not run by idiots...... just the simple things in life
* * * * *
Sex? Ahahaha! I donno. Success I guess. And love. No matter cliché it may sound. Friends :) (And after a while, he replies something else) umm. Ok silap2… honestly. I’d be happy if... ummm... seriously. I tak tau doh. I am happy now. But I donno why. Ahaha.
* * * * *
Masitahsharif: flowers!
* * * * *
Omar: I’m happy if there’s someone who could make me happy.
* * * * *
Cik kiah: love, sex and money
* * * * *
JIN: bila ko nak menari bogel depan aku?
(Translation – when you want to dance naked in front of me? -_-“)
* * * * *
Jab-bar: pleasure of sex...
* * * * *
Daus: friends
* * * * *
Haniee: love, happy family… happy work

So, wanna know what makes ME happy? Bah! I don’t really know, and am not putting this in a most to less kinda list… I listed em all randomly, ENJOY!

1. Being naked.
2. Tentacle monsters & kinky stuff.
3. Hugging someone who hugs me back, stay in that particular hugging motion for at least 1 minute to let all my problems & stress go.
4. Smell of grass being trimmed in the morning.
5. Pictures that I snapped and adore.
6. Doing nude arts… NOT PORN, ok!
7. Eating a good dark chocolate :D even smelling it makes me *drools*
8. CHICKEN! Yes, I love chicken and eating chicken makes me happy ROFL!
9. I love it when it rains, the smell of rain, the water pouring from the sky, the dark sky; somehow everything became slow-motion & it makes me calm.
10. Few of N.E.R.D’s songs or Pharrell’s voice makes me smile broadly and make me wanna dance my lazy ass!
11. Matthew doing his things in our chats - *pets you* , *pets your head*, *ROFL, kisses you*
12. Reading stories that Matthew writes for me.
13. Watching Danny Crane introducing himself to others – “Danny Crane!”
14. Playing kite! (still got one unopened Superman kite I bought 2 years ago -_-“)
15. Blowing bubbles!
16. Shaving my legs and see how smoothly the water runs on it, LOL!
17. A good, loving massage :) (barely got it now -_-“)
18. Spanking a man’s ass ouh and girls too
19. Singing Spanish translated songs – I’ll end up laughing trying to catch up with the lyrics!
20. Listening to silly happy songs like Kate Nash, Regina Spektor, Lily Allen & ouh Katy Perry :D
21. Sitting in between of rack of books – bookstore, library. Just being surrounded with it :)
22. Cutting someone else’s hair (I’ve grinded Amie’s and cut my lil sis hair :D)
23. seeing others smiling (not that happy, but warm fuzzy feeling inside)
24. Holiday with Azmir :) been to Tioman & Penang (now he’s back to UK *sobs*)
25. Making love in missionary position, coz I’m able to hold, to feel them thrusting, all the little movement, pulling their hair, moaning at their ear, and they can feel me trembling… (Do I need to explain more?)
26. Reading my daily horoscope :)
27. Being a tarot card reader for my friends when I was in university studying, and try to relate the meaning of those cards with their live… Eventually it works :D
28. Flirting with people that I wanted to flirt ^_^ & I usually got “you’re such a teaser!”
29. Watching the night sky, full moon and stars :)
30. Editing pictures and effin love the results :D
31. Getting white lilies (YES, the only flower that I like, might consider black roses)
32. Listening to acoustic, oldies songs.
33. JJ and Rudy of Hitz.FM – the Morning Crew!! Never fails to make me happy :D
34. Knows someone loves me for me, the messy me, the what’s-a-frying-pan me, the less-vocab me, my weirdness, my forgetfulness, my stupid-dumb-blonde behavior at times, the chubby me :D
35. Buying gift wrappers XD I don’t know why… but I still have a lot of it that I haven’t used yet!
36. Coloring my hair?
37. Eating Papa Beard Cream Puffs :D (Or is it Beard Papa?)
38. Watching Shrek and Jack Black :) yes, Donkey too, and Puss XD
39. Reading comic strips especially from Kris!
40. Talking to few people makes me happy :D (you know who you are) *hugs*
41. My Nikon D40, manually focus lens (thanks Teddy), tripod, new camera bag and soon to have my SB600 speedlight! (Hopefully!)
42. Damien – he just molted the second time, by the way XD Teehee! And seeing other snakes :) how I wanted to sleep with an albino python *wishing hard*
43. Sitting in a dark room.
44. Going out with my mum and little sister & treat em both with shopping etc.
45. Buying groceries for my mum before I went back home :)
46. Passion fruit drinks!
47. Going out for a movie.
48. Downloading stuff – software, mp3, desktop wallpapers.
49. Photoshop CS3 & Adobe Lightroom :D
50. My soon-to-be-release name card *GRINS*
Aha! more to come... I think...


  1. banyak nya benda yang boleh buat kau happy :)

  2. muhehe...ade juge nama aku yg ciput itu :D. Mane bleh ni..tak cukup 100!

  3. jasmin - sbb tue aku asyik gelak je kot.. ntah la.. alaa.. tue happy kejap2 je kot.. nnt tgh gelak2 tetiba aku diam pastu rasa empty.. waaa~!

    hanie - ahaha! dari ko tue.. dh buat ke blom.. ?? ahaha!

  4. What makes ME happy:
    1) New laptop, haha
    2) my own iphone
    3) US working visa
    4) US Accenture to sponsor me
    5) or a fucking green card
    6) Malaysia to allow dual citizenships
    7) To get married ASAP sebab dah horny. LOL

    ..amongst other things

  5. ahaha! cool :P
    aku nk buat listing 100 things actually.. tp penat sket.. ahahah! :P

    kamu buat gak sayang.. nk tgk :P

  6. Hmm, I am in a similar predicament as you. Trying to find out what makes me happy. Then I realised that to make me happy I need to be grateful first. So I did my grateful list. It's in my blog. I hope this helps!

  7. i watched the secret too :D

  8. hehehe malas btul la buat byk2 ni. Tak terbuat aku :P Tungguuu jer la bile aku ade mood mau pikir :P