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Day 1 - Your Favourite Song

I have to say, there's a LOT of songs out there that I love. And most of them are sad songs >.< So, if right now I have to pick a song that is currently my favorite; I have to say Judas by Lady Ga... Eh, wait ! Nope! Still Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri :)

That song is like my MUST have song at Red Box's karaoke list :P And it's one of the songs that I managed to sing (not that well, but basically I can lah!).  To those who have never heard it before, here's a video of it taken from Youtube :D

Ok, that was me singing :P

And oh I digggg her hair! :D


  1. ... who do you think you are


  2. lols! i score big time for on this song, right :P