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25 Fun Facts of Bella

And so, I’ve been tagged – over and over again XD This time it’s from si Tomatogirl; Hazlin, Weeta Bebeks and Azlan! Both of them are tagging me with the tag; which is to spill few facts and information about myself. Honestly, I really can’t think of anything much! *ROFL*


1. I am not straight. YES, you heard me. I am not straight (as for my sexual orientation). No questions shall be entertained for this matter, thank you.

2. My first criminal crush would be The Joker from the old Batman movie, starring Jack Nicholson. I dreamt of becoming her girlfriend, sitting in front of a fireplace waiting for my love to get home after all the steeling he made :D

3. 97% of time whenever I’m at home; I am NAKED. I love being naked and I love myself very much. And I sleep naked too. Ahaha! NO, when people here with me, I wore something, of course.

4. I never bought myself a real normal-what-people-used-to-buy teddy bear. I think they’re boring? LOL! The only soft toys that I bought for myself are 3 teddy bears – apple green, purple and yellow ROFL! And my lovely Ewey; a cute sheep :D

5. I got more boy friends than girls. Coz girls are too talkative and they got too much drama even since kindergarden. Remember back then when the girls are like “If you’re my friend, don’t be friends with B…” that sort of thing… “… if you do, then I don’t want to be friends with you too… so does ALL my friends!” >.> yeah, r i g h t (copyrighted by maviceplaytoy).

6. I was a tomboy since Standard 2 till Form 1. I look kinda like Kajol type of tomboy-ish in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai when I was in Form 1. Then I started to fall in love and realize boys don’t fall for girls like that. Hence, slowly I changed my look. LOL!

7. Because of the ‘greatness’ of my super awesomeness boobies, I got a nickname when I was in high school. What else? PAMELA ANDERSON *LMAO* And they wanted to submit a class layout thingy with that name for out 5IK3’s page in school mag, but they ask us to change it back to something else. So? What do you get? – PAMELO ERICSSON gahahahaha!!

8. I’ve been to few stages of styles?; in order:
- Tomboy-ish
- Goth girl-ish (and I do wear black lipstick to go out… I think I look like that Blair Witch girl)
- Hiphop-ish (my wall are full with Eminem, Tupac, Too Phat posters, etc and I can even rap)
- From there on, I became a normal girl :P hahah! Normal but weird, people say XD guess I’m not as normal as a normal person should be?

9. I used to be depressed. Sometimes I am too now *LOL* I would cry then there’s another two of me talking in the mirror. One - full with hatred; very angry, bold, giving me advises and very brave. While the other one is very nice and loving and always calms me down. And yes, when I talked to myself in the mirror, the faces changed. Cry – angry – then – calm – cry back and it goes on and on. They haven’t come out lately… Last time would be when I was depressed on Riq (a guy, few people would know), and my other ex (Azmir), while talking to me on the phone, he talks to with the ‘bold’ one. And yes, he did say we even sounded different… Scary eh? ROFL! “Run, Forrest! Ruuuuuunnnn…”

10. I tend to fell in love very fast. But when I fall in love with someone, I fall hard. I would usually stick with them till the point I think there’s nothing more I can do to save the relationship if it’s not working. And yes, we are the martyr right, darling? *winks at maviceplaytoy*

11. I’m not a party animal; you won’t see me at a club; drinking, smoking and partying. But I do play and not good at it. Bahaha! I would sit there at my table, drinking mocktails, eating too, at times while listening to live band performances. Right now, Borneo Rainforest; enjoying Hydra :D

12. As few as my friends, I honestly can’t ride a bicycle too since I was small. *sigh*

13. I’m into astrology, palm reading (well, I tried to) and tarot card… Ouh! How I wish I got an Ouija board for myself XD

14. I think Freddie Kruger turns me on, a lot. So does Chucky, eventually XD (Forgive me, Father for I have sinned). I got other weird fantasies too as well… Monster with tentacles is one of it *ROFL*

15. I don’t follow trends. From fashion, songs, gadgets, etc. I don’t at all. I buy and like what I like because of the thing itself.

16. I don’t shop. I got countable things as a lady. I got few sandals, 2-3 bags and I won’t change it unless it can’t be used anymore.

17. I spend most of my money on food, books, DVD and cinema. But most of it, I would say – FOOD! Hey, a lady has got to eat :P

18. Me and my bestie owns a pet snake named Damien. Now I wanted a puppy XD but they’re too freaking expensive! Bah! How bout a monkey instead?

19. I can’t drink anything with lime in it. I will wake up having a sore throat and fever the next day. Weird, right?

20. I got a medical checkup in June. Hopefully the cells don’t reproduce its way through. If not, I might have cervical cancer – which is sooo not cool XD I know I can be a cool mum. And I want to be one *sigh*

21. In case you didn’t know me, I love taking pictures? And most of my pictures have this sad, melancholic, lonely theme. Hahaha! Talking bout a picture is a window to one’s soul XD

22. When I was small, I wanted to be Storm of X-Man since I love rain, storm and dark clouds very much. I also dreamt about being Lois Lane. And yes, for all time – Superman would forever be my hero :D

23. I weighted 75kg, 157cm tall. (ROFL! Such a fact I wouldn’t mind sharing haha!)

24. The longest relationship I’ve been with someone is for 3 years. The longest time I have love a particular person would be 6 years. And right now, I love someone. Aww! FYI, I am happy right now for him not leaving *smiles*

25. I’m a loner. I easily get irritated by people who won’t stop bugging me all the time. At that point, I might even disappear for a while, not picking up calls, not replying smses. But I think it’s gonna be hard WHEN I LOVE SOMEONE. I would be the one who will keep on bugging him, LMAO!

Woot woot and I’m tagging you guys next (see my facebook) since I do wanna know more about you, ya :D