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1. What are you wearing?
.: Black top with wide neck opening, with a black-based polka-dots skirt :D

2. What did you do last night?
.: Playing Desperate Housewife game on the PC, ate at Redbox & sang like hell :P

3. Favorite Memory with significant other?
.: Ouh God. Whose significant other? Mine? I got none, I guess.

4. Last gift received?
.: 50 bucks from my dad for my birthday.
Well I’m waiting for my love letter to arrive
*winks at Matthew*

5. Describe the last picture you were in?
.: Was taken during my outing to OU with Miza & his boyfriend :)

6. Last thing you ate?
.: Nasi Lemak and 2 pieces of curry puffs.

7. Last thing you drank?
.: Cold Reverse Osmosis water :D *haha!*

8. What kind of underwear are you wearing?
.: And by now you should know that I’m wearing nothing inside :)
Unless I got my periods, of course :D

9. What was your best vacation?
.: Would say my holidays at Tioman Island, thanks darl :)

10. What are you most looking forward to in the next vacation?
.: Bangkok, Thailand or Phi Phi Island :D *wishful thinking*

11. What is happening around you?
.: Nothing, me alone, doing this tag.
While listening to Twilight OST soundtrack :)

12. What is your shoe size?
.: 7

13. Last event you dressed up for?
.: Err… Its been a while I guess XD
I remembered that I, for the first time in this year wore a
baju kurung to somebody’s house or something… AH! Now I remembered!
My bestie’s; Amie.

14. What is the most cheap thing you bought?
.: Huh, in what range? Have to say Hacks Original :D 20cent for 4.

15. What is the most expensive thing you have on right now?
.: My beloved D40 :)

16. What is your favorite smell?
.: The smell of your lover, waking up in the morning,
breathing, groaning, stretching themselves. Comes near to you and said,
Mornin, Love” right after giving his morning kiss :)

17. Is there something you really want to buy right now?
.: Speedlight? ROFL! Well I can’t think of a thing right now.
Stephanie Mayer’s book set :D

18. What are your nicknames?
.: B, Bella, Bell, Nabila, Nabil, Billie, Nab XD ROFL!

19. What are your plans for today?
.: I think I really2 wanna buy that book set
so I can be in awestruck and dumb gaze.

20. Describe your friendster picture.
.: I think its my straight, helmet-cut hair :D

21. Describe your myspace picture.
.: Basically me playing with my camera infront of the mirror in my room :D

22. Describe your facebook picture.
.: Taken by Sue Anna Joe at Ted Adnan’s Basic Studio Lighting :P

23. What did you do last weekend?
.: Went back home to my parent’s house,
sitting at home finishing my scrap-booking job thingy.

24. Favorite brand of clothes?
.: Err… the ones that aren’t branded at all :D
I love to be different from what others are wearing.
But I often too buying things from Nichii coz they got my size :D

25. What is your ringtone?
.: Anyway by Telepopmusik :D

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