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Ramadhan Recap =.=

Yes, why else should you be lingering around here; to hear yet another rambling by me? It’s been a month and so since I last updated my blog. Pardon me again for being lazy. Curse the Maxis Broadband who’s been such a pain in the ass. Blame the Time for not slowing a minute down. Attack my company for giving me bundles and piles of work; which is not a part of my division’s task. But then again, all the fingers are pointing back at me.


Geez! Where should I start? I hate doing recaps, there’s always some parts where I would be forgetting =.= LOL! Been eating like hell here and there. Facebook eventually managed to bring us closer, yes? During the Ramadhan, me and the rest of my classmates organised a break fast at Sunway Hotel :) it was good to see old friends though we are not that close way back in school. I was quite a loner I guess, and totally not the gossiping type. Here’s a group picture of us who attend the break fast thingy.

And THIS; been uploaded by Hazlin – a.k.a Ayin/Tomato girl :) coz her face could easily turned red! This is seriously old school, man! A compilation of all our class members, with 2 faces each and nicknames :) mine was supposed to be “Pamela Anderson”, but the School Magazine Community Members asked us to change it, since its too… Erm, provocative? *ROFL*

Then there’s time where me and Azlan would be break fasting with Weeta. 3-4 times I think… Or maybe more. It’s kinda easy, since Weeta and Azlan would meet at Asia Jaya area and they’ll be picking me up at Puchong. We went to Borneo Rainforest (yeah, like; what’s a super nerdy-librarian-loner-melancholic girl like me doing over there? Absolutely nothing! LOL – just enjoying the band actually; Hydra coz they are so talented :) and no, I don’t dance & I don’t drink nor shisha-ing), Italianies and even Williams (God! I’m soo freaking in LOVE with Williams :D the foods are delicious and the portion is out of this world :P)

Weeta and Papik @ Italianies, Sunway Pyramid

Weeta & Moi – Hydra Band@ Borneo Rainforest :D

Then, there was this one time right after few days of tasting William’s food, I asked Teddy (Ted Adnan) to gain weight together over there; with Weeta & Azlan. Double-date kah? No lah ;P It was fun, while me and Weeta laughing like hell whenever Teddy send me his text messages on his way there… I love Teddy when he’s not serious ;) Eh! Wait… He never seems that serious to me ever, ROFL :D He’s fun to hang out with :) and knowledgeable too :D

Ouh around the middle of Ramadhan, there’s this photoshoot thingy by Evan Hwong :D He was collecting the faces of Malaysians; 1 person around 6 different faces to be compiled for the Malaysian Unite thingy :P you could google him around or ask me directly about it if you’re interested. There would be another photoshoot on the 22th November 2008; Ampwalk 807Studio :D

Who is he? Here he is! More pictures in Facebook (Add me up, people ;P )

* * * * *

I think I’ve done recapping the Ramadhan month. Yeah, I know… Borriingg..! But what the heck, YOU still reading it up till [HERE] ! LOL :D

Later, Alligators :D

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