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I am Born Retarded XD

I’m retarded. Follow me now, “You’re retarded, you’re retarded…” keep saying that three times yeah! Gosh, am bored. At the moment am sitting at home alone, listening to my latest favorite song, Drink in My Hand by The Classic Crime. Last Friday I cried. For a reason of course, which one might say a stupid one? I miss Mr. Luttrell. I miss him a lot. Even if I’ve been staying up till almost 6 or 7 at the office coz of the heavy rains, my day would be perfect with him accompanying me.

Indeed I have fallen again and again… But I hope this would be a never-ending feeling. A million miles away, and yet, he’s holding my heart. With just a “Lol, hey! *hugs*” would made me smile. A *pats your head* or *hugs you from behind tightly and kisses you* would calm me down. Yes, this entry is all about him. So close this page if you feel like throwing out – coz whether you like it or not, I love him… And I’m gonna blabber about him, him and him alone today :D

Ha! His hair is longer than the last time, aite? Teehee XD and what I love the most is the fact that he’s fucking SMILING!! Bahaha! Sayang adorable, do you know that? And still, you do look gay :P *HUGS, baby*

I don’t know why I’m writing this piece and posting em up. Maybe coz I’m extra-hyper today? Bah! Well baby, you should be glad to be able to do that to me…! Not many man could *WINK* And now I’m wondering whether this entry would be long or short buy sweet. Sweet?! What I’m I thinking? *LOL* Ouh, alright! Mr. Luttrell, this entry is for you. And yes, it could be sweet and mushy or could make u step back from me and facing sideways and puke! XD either way, I did this for myself.

And I made a list for you, Mr. Luttrell! A list of all the things I love about you, here it goes;

  • You look adorably GAY! Well, not really lah sayang :P the first time I went to your page, I saw the black and white picture… And you look rather, how should I put it…? (Giving you a smirk; trying to figure out a normal word so people won’t find out I’m different LOL!)

  • Honestly, you look like a nerdy, young man who’s awkwardly perceived by others; you look like a psychopath too. WHICH turns me on? SERIOUSLY! I mean, here I am thinking there’s more to this guy than just that look he got there…

  • Ouh, and how I love teasing you saying you’re such a gay! And you would reply with a XD or x_x and you’re my only sheep! Bah :D

  • Just when I ask you, “So how’s your day at work, sayang?” – You would reply, “Work sucks…” and started blabbering about your boss, those fucked up workers, etc. Seeing you typing THAT fast; nagging 120 words per minute makes me giggled over here...

  • And how you corrected every one of my grammar mistakes, and what I spelt wrongly… (you just have to accept that I’m much dumber than any other girls you’ve met)

  • How you manage to say “saya cinta kamu” – “no, you’re gatal” – “puki” and “bodoh?”

  • The way you touch me, every move you made, properly figured out; every step, every inch of me – Ouh I could go on and on flaunting about that… But I guess others won’t have to know that right?

  • Its cute when you could write everything in that letter you sent to me by mail, instead of “Now, I don’t want my baby to go hungry…”

  • You’re being you is what I always adore on someone… And believe me when I say NOBODY is perfect *LOL* (throwing it sarcastically on you!) And so what if you keep ranting about your appearance, your fucked up financial, your wrongly-made decisions, your dislikes (yes, even if it’s on me and the things I do to annoy you, LMAO), your orientation (teehee XD I really don’t mind LOL!), your wobble playing table, your ugly painted models and how such a “loser” you said you are… and I wish I could shove it to your face by saying;

“This pisses me off! I love you and I don’t care all that! So why would you care and think what others would say?! Just fucking leave it alone and fuck me instead! Ouh, here’s the rope and don’t forget the spanking!”

XD See, told you I’m fucking retarded. *LOL* now, you just have to believe me :D


  1. when we are in love, a *buzz* on IM macam dapat sedozen chocs!


  2. ahaha! i never thought of it that way lol! but yeah.. a *buzz* ouh for me is soo annoying.. haha! well am gonna stick on to his "hey, and hugs.." teehee XD

    seronok aku.. but yeah.. love drives us nuts eh :D

  3. hahah . kakak mengajo dia ckp puki xD

  4. haha! yerp.. aku kan ckp puki klu aku nk carut.. so he ask me, whats puki? puki means pussy! haha~

    pastu bile aku nk marah ke ape.. aku ckp fuck ke, damn it ke.. dia tetiba lak "puki!" hahahaha! comel.. ;P

    aku lak sambung "penis!"

  5. too much sugar syndrome

  6. am more like craving for sugar but dont want having em lol..

    i dont take sugary thingy most all the time.. even i can drink up tea without sugar and loving it :P

  7. babi tol neh women!

    ajar mat saleh yg betul2 tk senonoh.

    its good tho.


    your in laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav!

  8. LOL!

    hahaha~ well he don't mind learnin all those lol :P

    even ejek me all the time.. haha!
    damn.. :P ouh yes yes..
    am in love :D

  9. weeta2:22 pm


    ajar2 lagi perkataan kurang ajar.
    boyfriend kurang ajar.

    ahuahhuahuahuahauahuahahua!!!lawak seh.

    aww,ur attached dh?bagus.kita berdua dh attached!

  10. bahaha! XD
    seronok betul dia :P