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Naked As We Came

That’s a song title, by Iron and Wine – Grey’s Anatomy OST. And I’m listening to it right now. To those who were looking for something perverted being written up here, go someplace else. I’m not here to entertain you.

Yesterday was a public holiday here in Malaysia. I woke up as usual at 7.30am, doing some artistic writing early in the morning. Artistic, indeed. Bahaha! Well, it does let all my imaginations run wild. Thanks to Matthew though for this. Ha-ha! Around noon, went out with Amie to Summit, USJ for a movie.

Be-Kind Rewind – Jack Black & Mos Def; that’s what we watch. It’s a good movie for me, but to those who can’t really get their jokes, they gonna say it’s a horrible one perhaps? After that we went to our favorite DVD shop and I bought 5 DVDs, free 1 and another extra for redeeming the stamped card I collected. So I got 7 DVDs for the price of RM 40! Wee! I bought:

· Michael Clayton – coz George Clooney was in it! And it’s about lawyer stuffy :D

· Feast of Love – coz there’s Morgan Freeman!! And yes, another ‘Love Perspective’ story.

· Jane Austen Book Club – coz of Jane Austen? Nah! I’ve been eyeing that DVD for months now :)

· Revolver – Amie took this one, coz of Jason Statham and I didn’t realize there’s Ray Liotta in it! I swear if I noticed it before, I WON’T TOOK IT! And I watch it yesterday, I HATE it! Ha-ha! Love mostly the part where Andre Benjamin and Vincent Pastore talks to Jason, but yeah; I could easily figure out the plot. I force myself watching it till the end just to prove myself that I’m damn right on who’s the real mastermind are.

· We Own The Night – Mark Walberg, man! Eva Mendes too… Ha-ha! Police, mafia, drug.

· Freedom Writers – based on true story; what else could I want? Inspirational, indeed.

· Bella’s Amnesia – about a girl; Bella who forgot what the last DVD she took yesterday!

I tried my best to remember the last DVD! But I can’t. Ha-ha! Pardon me for the cliché. I think it’s either a drama or a love story. Definitely NOT another Indie film. If so, I would remember. Tomorrow I will go to a wedding photo-shooting session with Judo, Haniee and Omar. Teehee! Never did a wedding shooting before. This gonna be the first! Hope everything would be fine! Wish us luck!

And have a lovely weekend to you guys out there!

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