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As few of my friends knew, I headed to Cineleisure Damansara right after work for my Advertlets event. Why? I won an entry for my blog on Ah Long Pte Ltd contest run by 2 passes to watch the hilarious Singapore + Malaysia movie :) and who else would I bring to accompany me none other than my bestie, Amie :D and that's both of our arms!

To added things up, Josh Lim (Advertlets founder) splurge all the winners with a buffet dinner at Tony Roma’s before going to the movie at 9.30pm! It surely brings a BIG smile to me and my bestie, of course; since we both love to eat *LOL* Pity since I haven’t got my lens from Omar, I borrowed by company’s digital Panasonic Lumix instead; which I never would prefer using em elsewhere. So here are some of the pictures I took yesterday – nothing to be proud of though.

Ok, fine... I'm too lazy to upload pics :P

After eating from 7pm to 9.10pm, there’s a sing-a-birthday-song session for Advertlets who turns one year last night :D and there’s cute cupcakes with Advertlets logo on em :D and of course, photo session with the cast from Ah Long Pte Ltd :D Daniel Tan, KK Wong and an adorable 16-years old new comer, baah! Can’t remember her name :P pardon me, dear -_-” Nope, I don’t take photos with them. Am not that eager lah… Ouh, and there’s a LOT of pretty amoi too!!

Snap a picture of Amie’s face when he looked at em… Ha-ha!

The movie was hilarious! Sort of like My Wife Is a Gangster kinda thingy BUT with our own Singapore + Malaysia style! All and all, it was FUN! :D Advertlets, you guys ROCKS! :P

Agagaga! Sinful Mumtaz naan :D

After screening with started 9.30pm – almost 12am, we both went to Moksin (idk whether the spelling is right or not) at TTDI for our ‘mapley-lepak’ session *GRINS* Afterwards, he went up to his office for a while, whilst me waiting in the car talking to Azmir on the phone bout his dad newest blog that me and my bosses love ALL so much! I got back home around 2.30am :D

Happy Maulidur Rasul to Muslims tomorrow! (holiday for me, LOL!)


  1. ooo i love the mumtaz naan :P

  2. wah wah wah ! seroonokk babi dapat mkn tony romas :D

  3. iced nyior - bahaha! leh kali leh eat together.. ajak perampok skali turun :)

    lala - yerp yerp, banyak gak dia makan.. tp slalu pun mmg dia makan banyak.. haha! sama la ngan aku pun :) tp aku rasa TGIF lg best..

    perampok - haah, tue amie.. hoho~ kamu bertanya kt dia "sape bella?" eh.. hoho~ :D samat berkenalan :P