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And I miss everyone. Yes, everyone! I moved to a new house. Even nearer to my office. And yet STILL I’m late at times! Ha-ha! Last week I got a fever. Probably got it from my bestie, Amie. Bah, am sure I got it from him! And it lasted for a week… I was thinking to write blogs and post em when am in the office, since the new house got no internet connection – which would be another problem to be thinking about, either Maxis broadband a must? Then, my weary PC when blank! *LOL* too much pressuring her after the menu I designed for the cafe I guess.

Now am thinking of buying a lappy [laptop]. Yes, I hate lappies, but I think it’s more convenient and less space-consuming. Out of bore-ness, Amie went back to Klang and took his 29” TV and Philips DVD player and put em at my place! Happy I am :D now I can watch my beloved Danny Crane and Alan Shore over and over again :) and finally now perhaps a PS2? So I could drive as fast as I wanted and make my way in the Police RAP LIST [NFS Most Wanted – Black Edition].

As for the politics in Malaysia, I think it’s fucked up. I haven’t seen any ups yet. Everyone wants to be in the front page. Monkeys. I hate stupid monkeys. I could agree with Beck Zaidan on few of our so-called “politic discussions”. Most voters are using their empty, stupid brain – located on their dicks! And not to mention, their dickhead’s are puny! [According to Beck] and I may add; they only got one ball hanging rather than two! What were they thinking? I hate Pak Lah’s ruling, I love Mahathir coz I was raised under his ruling and I saw how great Malaysia has changed. And there was not a single petty problem raised about races. Mahathir is firm, and he’s optimistic, great thinker as well. I’ll forever would looked up to him *YAY*

But as much as I hate Pak Lah [hate is a strong word; but I really really really don’t like you :D], I’m not THAT stupid to believe in the opposition parties would promise things like a more reduce petrol prices, no tolls, free parking fees and free higher learning quality whatsoever? Are all these things doable? The answer is YES! It is doable. JUST FOR A WHILE. And where the heck they gonna come up with the money to maintain and upgrade the facilities? I don’t wanna see all the cracks and holes all over those black-silky-tarred roads! Petrol prices, aren’t they controlled nationwide price? I know they’re not stupid… They studied well enough; they know how to get things around. All I can say now is BREAK A LEG! To those stupid people who voted for them JUST because of their promises, you’re a stupid monkey! Don’t be too narrow-minded la kawan… Think things far! And don’t get me started by saying there’s too much corruption in our old politics. Every politic is a never-ending mental playground, once you have power, corruption is just one of the temptations included in the package!

Congrats to all the winners, and next time may luck be with you for the unfortunates. And as for me, I’ll surely be watching this country from now on. *CLAPS* and to all the monkeys, stop acting like one. You guys made me puke :D and I can’t believe I put an entry on politics! Double-YUCK!

To my friends, I’ll be in hiatus – on and off, since I didn’t have a permanent internet connection yet. Just leave a shout on my chat box!

Have a great Friday!
And to my mum, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!


  1. wuuuuuu~! politics . sumpah aku xtau ape2 . HAHAHAH xD

  2. sibok, xtau pape pastu nk tgl komen.. hahahah!! :D