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Where did Ah Long got all the money to lend others in “need”? That one heck of a question I couldn’t answer. I could make ugly assumptions where they got it from… But would any Ah Long read what I’m writing here? *LOL* Better marry me rather than killing, lor… I could be a sexy, seductive Ah Long wifey for sure!

What would you do if you were an Ah Long? Funny when I started to think about this… And I blame Advertlets [] to put the blame on! Naughty them for dirtying my mind today with violence… don’t they know am a shy and polite lady? *ROFL*

I listed some few points that darted my mind this afternoon:

· Dragon tattoo – surely a MUST! No Ah Long without a tattoo… And dragon symbolized “Ah Long” right?! Sure other men Ah Longs in Puchong area head over heels for me!

· Nippon Odour-Less paint - so all my workers could splash those red paints in style! And even write “garang” notes to our “loyal-terpaksa committed” customers *EVIL GRIN* as for why I’m gonna use that paint, coz my workers sure got spelling problem! Looking at their stickers sometimes made me laugh.

· Who needs a cleaver to chop people now? Use barber razors like Sweeney Todd is much cooler :D ouh did I say my workers need to learn to dance and sing while killing? Bahaha!

· Wear spectacles thick frames so they look nerdy at times… and harmless of course… we need to project as good image as possible so our customers would dare to lend money from us *SMIRK*

· The biggest thing to do as an Ah Long is to compete with Teresa Kok for Puchong voting next season! For sure Teresa Kok can’t beat me after that *LOL* [help, am going out of my mind!!] Me and my workers will be waiting for everyone outside the classroom or hall and force them to “pangkah” for us! HAHAHA!!

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