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Razorblade Kisses

“Destroy me to your liking
Dearest creature never let me go…”

Somehow the lyric caught my attention. Giving in to someone; letting them do whatever pleases them. It’s been a while since I last coddle myself into this kind of indulgence… More so, when it all sums up to the one person we love. Ah! How I miss that. Always knowing of being wanted, being THE obsession, simply; being needed.

I wish he’s here. And I don’t care whether the stars above are dying, I want him here. He makes me happy, and at the same time I’m scared we would end up buzzing our PM and didn’t know what else to say… That day could come soon, just don’t come around here yet. Not now. I love you, baby. And thanks for the comfort of telling me u got RATS at your house! I never wanna go there! *LOL* It’s almost midnight, and I’m missing you. Goodnight, love *BLUSHES*


  1. xiaera4:48 pm

    akak minat gak baca citer ko
    bes ar
    tp kalo ko wat dwibahasa bagus gak
    paper pun thanx for the website u
    gave me ok dear?
    mizz u

  2. teehee..
    thanks :) but xleh la buat dwibahasa.. sebab ramai gak yg bukan orang sini yg baca..

    paling bodoh pun ade 2 orang yg bkan malaysian baca.. dlu ade yg lepas2.. dialog.. tapi susahnye sbb orang kena translate balik kt dorang.. :D

    hoho~ berseronoklah kamu bersama website itu :D

  3. hello,

    came across your blog from series of clicking here and there in photographers site.

    love your writings.


    keep posting.

  4. ah! thanks my darl :)
    am rather happy that you love my writings..

    :) *hugs*