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The Rat Race

Sorry for not wishing a Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends who’s celebrating it. Probably to me too; if my grandma is alive still. She’s a Chinese brought up by Malay; at least I got half of it in my blood. Year of the Rat. And there’s only one person in my mind who’s born under this year; and I do hope he’s having a blast this year. By looking at him, I know he is blooming pretty well *SMILES*

A friend forwarded me a text message, which wrote this;

“A woman has strengths that amaze men. She can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens. She holds happiness, love and opinions. She smiles when she feels like screaming. She sings when she feels like crying, she cries when she’s happy and laughs when she’s afraid. Her love is unconditional. Here’s only one thing wrong with her, she sometimes forgets what she is worth…”

I was in awe whilst reading it. It was utterly lovely and heart-warming since perhaps I needed those kinds of words to be thrown to me… Letting me know I’m as precious as the Ring – which drives the adorable Gollum into madness. How many women out there are in love with jerks? Seriously even me; just to sum it up. A man before me stated; everybody loves a jerk – it’s a bittersweet thingy. As arrogant as he might have claimed it; sort of proud of himself being a jerk – perchance at a certain percent; he was right.

Those jerks made us women tougher by the sufferings we have to endure. Those jerks made us more mature in making decisions, a knowledge which teachers never taught us in school. Those jerks drew a line in relationships and bend it like hell; so that we realize how strong we ought to become. And those jerks taught us to be humane; feelings of love, care, angry, frustration, rejection, taught us how a man looks at a woman, taught us to be more dependable on our own selves. Taught us there are no imaginary fairy-tale happy endings, there’s no image of a perfect man to be married to; unless we love him for all he is and accept for all the flaws he possess.

This is just another silly rambling of mine, which you could just read it or toss it. This is a rambling which in a way, thanked YOU; the JERKS for making our lives a complicated one. And women out there, I know how much you could blabber about these foolish, unthankful jerks that ruined your lives… But you too got to agree with me at this end. Optimistically, if you ever looked into it; they did mold us into a better person. And I believe, I have removed the grudges and thank them instead.

And I miss you a lot this week. Yes, you. I miss you. *BLUSHES*


  1. i felt so inspired after reading the quote. thanks for sharing :D

  2. some say we dated jerks to get a better husband. *LOL*

    its like malaysia-lah,to many tols in order to reach our destination.

    thanks for the morning flickr email. :)


  3. IcedNyior - it was like a big slap to my face at first you know.. haha~ lg after a guy cheated on me and all.. it made me stop punishing myself for starters.. :P

    Miss BumbleBee - that, i have to agree too.. LOL! but think we need to be a tad quicker since i think the jerks population are increasing.. haha! baah.. good girls loveeess bad boys.. :P

  4. perkataan tuh buat aku terharu . seronoknye kalau ade lelaki yg bg aku perkataan camtuh =')

  5. lol!

    yes yes true, adek..
    surely it would be nice to have some guy say things like that to you..

    valentine's is near!!
    nak choc cake!! haha~

  6. Now why haven't anybody forwarded that inspiring sms to me? hehe .. as for your so called rambling .. very nicely put! :)

    Happy Singles Awareness & Valentine's Day to you! Thanks for the visit yeah :)

  7. hey melbie!

    thanks for dropping by too :)
    ah.. i dont do parties.. but are you going tomorrow? haha! d one rudy & jj gonna make.. S.A.D party at Retro Club Jln P.Ramlee..


    i love rudy a LOTT.. but yeah, idk how to contact him.. hahah! he's chubby and cute.. :P

  8. oh missB,

    i wrote that entry at 2am and too tired to realize that i didnt acknowledge the writer. its from the song from the Utube in that entry.

    "Dont give up" by Shannon Noll and Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

    happy days and bright sunshine will definitely accompanied your sadden day.

    *hugs from a stranger*

  9. ah! miss b :)

    kudos to them then..

    and for you too,
    since if you haven't quote em, i would never know at all.. :)

    thanks for the hug, stranger.. ;)
    hug me more, take my soul..

    i wanna fly with the dandelions..