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A Room to Let

Don’t you just love reading my problems? *LOL* as at this moment, I need a place to stay. I and the other tenants received a sudden notice from the house owner to move out latest before end of February. And my housemates are worried bout me, especially. Since I need to find a place around there still coz I don’t owned neither a car, motorcycle nor a bike (which I don’t even know how to ride em).

Been Google-ling all over and found a few ads thru the internet. And I texted almost every one of them. The answers would be room has been taken, the locations too far from my office. Except for this one tenant, Alicia Tan. She’s currently living with her boyfriend and looking for someone to rent the medium room of a double-storey house. They got a dog, a hush puppy breed… Ha-ha! Dogs I can handle I guess, but not cats. I hate cats. But she’s given me too many rules, which are can’t bring friends overnight, no smoking, must be clean etc. I can accept all of that since tidy up a room is not a problem and I don’t smoke, but what I cant is bringing friends overnight. I only got few friends and they tend to sleepover at least on weekends. Me and my girls. Either its Miza, or Ayu and even my little sister; Yana.

I went browsing last night with my bestie, to see the location of the house. A tad further than my old place and from my office, and it was more up-hill. Yes, I can walk that far. I love walking. But when it’s raining, there lies the problem. So I texted her again this morning, asking her to accept my change of rules; the overnight thingy… And I’m waiting still for her answer. I do hope she could accept that. I don’t let my friends linger all over the house; usually they come and stay in my room… Go out to KL and stuff, have a late snack, then go home to sleep. Told her all that, just wish she would be tolerate about it.

Anyone got rooms for me to let? Do tell me. Only around IOI Mall area, since I’m working opposite IOI Mall’s shop lots. Later, love! Toodles *FADE SMILE* crossing my fingers!



  1. laaa . kesian kauu . abes tuh ko tgh berusaha lg la nih ?

    xpe2 . tersukan usaha anda ! semoga berjaya ! =D

  2. haah, sedang berusaha dgn bersungguh2 nie.. ade satu dh jumpe.. mintak2 dapat.. yg len lak.. dekat sket dgn ofis..