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Single Awareness Day [S.A.D]

Bouquet of roses, big teddy bears, boxes of chocolate… The normal thing we do to show the appreciation of Love and thanks to our beloved. Nice, isn’t it? Some say it’s sweet. Most would say, “There goes half of my salary this month!” And when I say I don’t really care much about yesterday, how would you perceive me then? Someone who’s sadly unlucky for not having a boyfriend to spend a day with? Why if so, I still got few of my male friends asked me before – but I politely said
“Sorry, but no.”

What? Now you think I’m just pure jealous? Ha-ha! Never assume me to be one for not celebrating Valentine. Honestly, the only important dates that I would rather not being alone are my birthday and Christmas. Other than that, I’m practically fine sitting alone in my room, taking pictures, writing and drawing or reading. And I don’t need a doctor for this Valentine-malfunction. *ROFL* and my heart works absolutely magnificent more than ever *SMILES*

So, what this S.A.D all about? It stands for Single Awareness Daya day that all of the single people can proudly stand up and show that it is OKAY to be single! blabbered
this month by the Morning Crew, Rudy & JJ. It’s a good thing though. And tonight, they’re throwing out a party for those who celebrating SAD. It would be held at Retro Club @ Jalan P.Ramlee. Free admission and the theme is ‘Single and ready to mingle’ – guys; wear tie and girls; bow. Me? I don’t know. More likely not going, since I’m not into party and stuffy. But I’m into Rudy. *LOL* if you only know, the things I would do… ha-ha!

IF I can get my hands on you… IF!

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