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Your Call

My condolence goes to Weeta and her family, as for the same day Pak Harto passed away, so does her grandfather; Aki Euchup (correct me if I’m wrong). I didn’t see her online today; perhaps she took a day off from work. She’s been thru a lot lately, and I do hope she’ll be brave with every step that she takes. *Al-Fatihah…*


Last night Ted sent me a text message telling me that he might be on air over an interview with TV3 on his career as one of Malaysia’s Professional Photographer; the Lighting Sifu (correct me if I’m wrong again). It’s on MHI, Malaysia Hari Ini around 7-7.30 am. Sadly, I was not able to watch it since I don’t have that stupid media box. There’s this one dude who upload it but it only lasted for 1 minute. Talked to Ted, and he said he would be uploading the full length video later on, after he received the softcopy of that interview. When, I do not know… But I hope TV3 would be quick about it *WINK* as from me, “You go go gooo, Teddy!!” 38 years old he is; and achieves all these. Though some people may compare to any other photographers from another country, but what the heck? He’s Malaysian. And I’m proud having him here. Ha-ha! So as well as Anna Joe and so forth. They’re growing like mushrooms, aren’t they? And I often wonder what would I’m able to achieve when I was on my early 40’s.


As soon as I got my salary for this month, I’m gonna go to a gynecologist for a medical check-up… And I forced Amie to accompany me. Just incase something happens. Haa~ could I talk about death here? No? Well, few keep scolding me just to mention about it. Ha-ha! And I donno what’s wrong with having a thought of it. We all gonna die in the end. It’s either sooner or later, true? So why it’s a taboo just to talk about that particular subject? Well, as for now, just let me have these thoughts shared in my mind only. We’ll talk about this, LATER, when I’m almost dying? *LOL*

What with this entire page break lines? *LOL* idk, I feel like wanting to draw lines on my blog, I think. Ok, my mind is blank today. That’s it. That’s the truth. Until there’s anything interesting that I would love to share, my blog gonna be like this. Utter nonsense and gibberish talking. Ouh, I went to Becky’s ( blog last night. It was only pictures now. *SIGH* I miss his writings. The way he put the words… The sarcastic intonation of his sentence always makes me laugh (whenever those writings does not imply to me at all, of course). Well, whatever he chooses to do, its all up to him in the end.


A little announcement here, I might say. I AM AWAY FROM MYSPACE, FRIENDSTER, and FACEBOOK. There will be no flirting invitations, nor accepting one. Not at the moment. I think I need to set a side a time of my own; for my DeviantArt, for my DVDs and for my blogs and books. Whenever you feel like talking to me, PM me. That’s all; though that too I would probably lessen the length of it. I don’t feel like wasting my time too much on those thingy when my life here isn’t that pleasant to be remembered when all I could recall of doing are onlining and chatting 24/7.


  1. weeta8:23 am

    thanks for the care & attention my dear.thanks as well for bein there for youhh.

  2. <3 love you too darl :)