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I Wanna Save You :)

I had something going on last Saturday. I went out for a walk and didn’t pick up anyone’s call. Few people got worried. He’s worried, worried sick of me. Sending me few text messages asking me to go home at an instant… And of course, I did. I just need to clear my head, I guess. Been having this “always wanting something more” reasoning to me. *SIGH* but then again, did you girls out there wants something more too? Everyone, in a stage wanted something more…

And so, I quoted from on what he gotta say about all this.

“I know all you guys out there are looking for the next “casual fling”. The girl you can hang around, have a really great time with, take to bed, and not have to commit to. It seems like that works for a few weeks, then the girl “goes psycho” and gets possessive. This turns you off and you break ties with said hottie. All the while you blame it on the girl, not thinking that it’s your actions that
make her become all possessive. But, that’s our problems isn’t it guys - we don’t think.

I’ll tell you, women are just as interested in sex as men. A huge number of girls are also looking for something more casual, which works in your favor. The problem is most of us - men don’t know how to NOT ACT LIKE A BOYFRIEND. We’ll call more than a few times a week, thinking we need to keep the girl happy. Get a clue, guys; if you act like her boyfriend she’ll come to think of you as her boyfriend. If you act like all you’re in it for is sex, she won’t have any more expectation.”

But I don’t want every single person act as if all they want from me is sex. I do need to be love, to be needed, to have their attention… I WANT ALL THAT. And I’m sorry if I ever sort of suffocated few out there with my behavior. Perhaps deep inside I’m just as lonely as… as… as anyone whose lonely lah! Ha-ha! And I was immediately feeling down when I read what Matthew wrote to me. Something about all those wanting more from him issues. Not that he’s being too harsh, but I’ve been getting that lately from few men that I’ve been dating. As if I was wrong for asking it from them who said they *LOVE* me…

I cried for a few seconds while I’m webby cam with him. I don’t think he noticed, since the camera was kinda lag few seconds. But I did. I cried. Then I told him I was going out for lunch, which I wasn’t. I just went out and walk by myself for hours. Thinking whether there’s something wrong with me, or I was like any other women out there… Somehow he did found out, thanks to my “sweet” friend who’s worried looking for me and PM him instead. Baah! And NO, I’m not suicidal if any of you out there thinks I am so. LOL!

I chatted with him when I got home. He’s freaking worried, I can tell. We ended our conversation, awesomely. Don’t we, baby? Ha-ha! Thanks for everything you’ve said afterwards, for being worried sick for me. Ouh and yes… as long as we’re not a couple we can go screwing around! *ROFL* and yes, I can be sure you won’t once you’re attached with me… You’re my nerdy, kinky, white sheep… you’re my freaking drug… my type of heroin [sucky pick-up line, baah!]. Mine and MINE only!

“And she wants someone to see her
She needs to hear she’s beautiful
She’s beautiful
I want to save you, I want to save you
I need you, Save me too
I want to save you”

And I think of him whenever I hear this song. I Wanna Save You by Something Corporate. And he likes that song too. *SMILES* Love you, baby! There, I said it again and again *HUGS*

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