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When the Moonlight Shines

“I lately been having night terrors…” – quoted by Alan Shore, another character that I love other than Danny Crane himself in Boston Legal. Thank the Lord that I don’t have anything like that, coz if I do, I’ll be long falling down from my apartment. But I do have nightmares. One that lately since last year occurs too many at a time. Last night, I beheaded others. Yes, I cut off the head of others; which by the way, I know them in real life. There in my hand lies the head of my dad, mum, perhaps even my siblings (which I can’t recall), and I did saw Amie’s head too. And still my other hand couldn’t stop cutting other people’s throats. I saw Weeta too, and she saw what I did. She ran, of course. And NO, I don’t kill her.

Last month, I dreamt of some lesbo push me down to drown me. I was nearly dying, and then I woke up! I was gasping for air after that. Some said if you died in your dreams, means you’re really dead? Is that true, I wonder… Today, I chit-chattering with Weeta… Let’s not talk about it here… Read her blog, if you wanna know and I do hope she’ll be alright. *HUGS* sayang! Kinda tired with all the office work today and I just wanna go home and rest. But then, I read Lala’s blog… She’s broken up with her boyfriend. So I guess I need to stay online at home, to know whether she’s ok or not.

I got home around 6pm, have a shower, and go online. Matthew love was there *SMILES* I would usually start our conversation by saying something silly, and he would “LOL” and “hey!” And here, in my room, I would imagine him chuckles and smiles… Then, a warm-fuzzy feeling would always come right after that. For a few second, it calms me down. All of my stress from work, it vanished in an instant. Oh how I love what he does to me… We talked, we had few normal arguments. He, not liking Myspace… me wanting more attention *BLEHH* Yes, yes, I can get pretty annoying at times… Only the strongest will survive! Ha-ha!

Talked to Lala, she was fine. Eventually, her boyfriend doesn’t wanna break up with her. I laughed when she told me that. Remembered the time when I was in high-school myself. Me and my ex, Naim… We coupled three times for three years. Funny when I think about it. Monkey love, you know… *CHUCKLES* Then she said she’d be right back; having herself a shower. And did you know who came in to chat with me after that? Lana! Lala’s sister. Been sooo freaking long I didn’t see her online in Myspace. More so, after she got engaged with her boyfriend and they promised not to online there anymore.

And she gave me 31 pictures of her and the “hantaran” on her engagement day. She asked me to edit them, whichever that would suit the best. This is seriously my first time of editing wedding-like pictures, and I don’t know what I’m doing, LOL! But here are some I did tonight *SMILES* do tell me what you think?

a bit too emo for an engagement picture? but i like it :D

and she is lovely :D

some of the hantaran that i manage to combine in one pic :D

This midnight; HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY TO NAZMY :) January 25, 2008


  1. hahah. kakak buat malu aku tulis camtuh psl aku.

    hihih. itu gmba cantekla. seronok aku menengoknye.


  2. haha! :P
    malu konon..

    ouh mekasih.. kakak kamu pun suka lah aku harap :D

  3. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Hey it's Matt, just dropping in to say hi. Love you.

  4. how come i dont like the tone of it? haha~ u dont have to, u know.. if you dont wanna..