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Merry Marry Me?

It’s the season to be JOLLY!

“Hello, December! Looking frostily I see… Must be the snowflakes! Christmas-spirited are you?” I greet him with a cheeky face. December nods. I thought he would be happy, but gently his smile fades away. I patted his shoulder, “…are you alright, my dear?” I asked. “Not really…” he said. “…too many people aren’t happy this month of the year…” he continues. “Baah! Don’t blame yourself, darling… People are living their life, problems come and go, now, hush…” I whispered to him and planted a kiss on his forehead.

December supposed to be a great month, right? There’s the Christmas holiday, Eidul Adha, upcoming New Year, Thanksgiving… but yeah, some of my friends aren’t that happy and it makes me tad sad. Not to mention myself too. Ha-ha! I am NOT happy for a couple of months. Well, people had their days, and I got mine. Goodie thing is, we’re still alive and able to fake a smile.

Perhaps because of all these holidays, we tend to feel lonelier than before, all mushy inside; a tiny souvenir from the holiday itself. What is holiday when we have to go thru with it ALONE, no? But think again, it’s kinda weird when we’re able to go thru every single-non-holiday-day single-handedly but not on these time of the year? Heh! I even hate myself for this. This year almost ended. Too many things happened to me, my life and my heart. Been tore apart, mended and he tears it back. YES, I am weary indeed inside. Too weary to go thru… but yeah, this stubborn chubby girl is here still. I’m expecting nothing now; since seeding expectations, wishes and dreams might lead into another soul-torment!

I just wanna wish my darling Weeta, Happy Birthday! Which falls on the 20th of December; one month apart from mine. *Hugs*. Be happy, girl… and you know I’ll be there, even for a second whenever you need someone to share to. And to all, Merry Christmas! Gosh, I love Christmas!! Remind me to buy at least a snowflake ornament like I always did *smiles*

And all I want for Christmas is YOU!


  1. weeta5:02 pm

    aww,bella sayang,

    thank you so you heaps!

    giler,im crying weihh.*wipe her tears away*


  2. *hugs*

    pelok dia erat-erat :)