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Another Nameless Journey [Part I]

Yes, it’s almost the end of November itself. And here I am once again. Not writing anything for quite a while. Been busy? Perhaps. No lah! Been lazy, definitely! And ouh yeah; great news… My home-pc is in good condition once more! So yeah, I can online after working hours now. *Jumping-JOY!*

Thought my life sucks. Well, mostly my love life, right? Lucky for me to have goodie friends who’s there to help me out; physically, mentally and emotionally. *HUGS* every one of them! There’s Mastura, Matthew, Azmir, my bestie – Amie of course and other chit-chatting friends who always there for me whenever I needed someone to talk to, to laugh with :) LOVE you guys! [Erk! I think I’m getting too mushy here!].

Throughout the time I haven’t blogged, one of my bestie from UiTM [my only from start-end of studying roommate] got a baby boy :D And yes, I’m happy for her despite of certain agendas which I still kept it away from her till the right time comes. But I haven’t seen the baby yet… The baby came out a bit too early, so he’s in the incubator when I went for a visit. And I’m officially his Godmother [with no baptism included of course!]. Well, lets just say I’m gonna take care of him too in the future.

Me & Mai [new mom]

What else? Been meeting my UiTM friends during Raya month. Gosh it’s been soo long I haven’t seen all of them. Well, there’s Watikah and Gaban which we triplets went out for a midnight movie at Jusco Bukit Raja, accompany them studying at McDonald Section 3 after that, and meet up the guys of OM [Office Management] on their futsal game. And yes, my own sort of ‘Open House’.

Watikah & Gaban studying for final exams

Ustat, Wan, Arifi, Bob & Bond

My friends from UiTM Sri Iskandar

Wow! This is a long entry… Baah! What the hell, I’ve been skipping here and there… and I think I love long entries. All sum up conclusion of what I did for a month or so. Ha-ha! There’s more to tell, on my next chapter! Perhaps tonight I might post it again, who knows, I might not be lazy anymore?

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