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Commiseration to a Friend

And yet again, made me believe what December told me yesterday. This month of the year was sadder than before. Usually, I would wake up at 7.30am with Accidentally in Love (Shrek OST) phone alarm. But not today *sigh*. This morning, 6.45am, I heard Boston by Augustana. It’s a message from Beck Zaidan, a friend of mine. And I was blank whilst I was reading it.

* * *

"Kawan-kawan, ayah aku baru meninggal dunia pagi tadi, dalam tidur. Tolong war-warkan kepada kawan-kawan yang lain, dan minta sedekahkan Al-Fatihah kepada arwah agar semuanya berjalan lancar. Aku bingung”

* * *

I read it twice, disbelieve somehow. I just read his blog yesterday and wishing his father would be back in good condition. But, God love him more. I replied to his message. What else could I offer? Just a “hang in there” word. I really do hope he would be fine. At least, soon, I guess. I know deep inside he will. Though I knew him for less than 3 months, but he’s been good to me. As a mentor, a friend and a somebody to talk gibberish with. And thru few words of wisdom he threw on me, all the advices he been given to me, I believe he’s a strong man.

I went to his blog as soon as I got to the office. Friends sent condolences, asking him to have patience in heart, recite al-Fatihah to the departed. I too, send my condolence again in his blog, and posted a bulletin in Myspace. *AL-FATIHAH*

All of these make me wonder about life even more. How am I to live without my parents and take care of my brother and sister? Mother always told me not to cry whenever someone died. It’s a torment to the departed soul. I didn’t cry when one of my little baby sister died, so does my grandparents, and few of my friends where back when I was studying. Then again, I was never putted them close to my heart. What if someone I really cared, gone, forever? Could I obey a mother’s word; not to cry?

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