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Leaving Tonight?

And he said, “Ouh! Are you leaving tonight? Where are you going?” I know he didn’t need any serious answer for that. Coz he listened to the background music at the end of mine. “Leaving Tonight” by Ne-yo featuring Jennifer Hudson. But somehow, I did give a few quiet moments to that particular question.

I don’t know where to go anymore. I’m stuck. Not that I hate it, but yeah, I’m stuck. Ok, fine! Perhaps I’m too deeply in love? Which makes whoever that sent me messages in my mobile, took a few days for me to even reply to them. And at other cases, I don’t even reply. Funny… one of them, my Friendster friend, Ice, just sent me a message online. Pissed-off with me, since he had this “hunch” about me won’t be replying or answering his calls. Sorry, my dear… I’m not being myself lately… for a year to be honest. Baah!

Things between me and Riq are as same as usual. Arguing level – moderate. Vocal transmission – moderate. Bonding together non-verbally – almost none. Which all of these tend to drive me nuts and cranky at weekends. Ha-ha! Today everything is moving slowly. Not much work. Few accounting thingy and I’m done. Thought my boss went home just now, but he came back! SUCKS! Ha-ha! Tomorrow’s gonna be the last day of work this week. Thursday would be Eidul Adha. And then I’m off till Christmas. Yay!

I’m supposed to do few submission in DeviantArt, a club-id submission, a Christmas tree (ala Tim Burton) submission and few of my own photograph that I took on the weekend AND last weekend. LOL! Gosh, last night I slept around 9 pm. I donno what came into me, but I’m soo freaking tired. Ah! Well, hope I’m not gonna waste my time sleeping tonight.

Who wanna come over tonight? Lets, lets!

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