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Something to Be or Not To Be

And who are we supposed to be? A person who never wanted to know what it feels to be a grown-up? A student who quit studying coz she never want to know whether or not she could cope with everything that’s comes rolling to her? A romantic dreamer who sucks as a lover? Who are we actually? And do we have the chance to choose? Do we have the guts to prove?

Constantly, people ask questions to find an answer. Why this, why that. How and what. Who, in most cases. But do we have the answers to all the things we’re looking for? Or we grasped something more to it? To find clarity. Which at some point we reached a state that; for once, we feel like stopping. The very dot that we feel like it’s useless. And there’s no perfect reason of trying anymore.

Who are the people that would be there for you whenever you stranded there? Who are the people that would always support you, asking you again and again to try a little tad harder? Or you’re there alone, watching everything kept on moving, as it’s supposed to – and in a way opened up an idea that somehow, THE WORLD DOESN’T CARE IF YOU’RE STOP MOVING. It doesn’t make any difference whether or not you’re there. You’re just another nobody, who you thought to yourself, you are SOMEBODY. Or far enough, becoming one.

To be, or not to be; that is the question. And yes, we get lost along the highway. There are signs telling us which way we should and should not go. There are obstacles that stopping us to be there. And there are choices to be made, options to choose, points to be taken. Some things we could be proud of down the way, some are not even wise to be brought up. Yes, we’re mere human who do and did mistakes. And a way to make us more HUMAN, is trying to learn, though every so often we can’t be able to fix it up.

And to those who knows me well, believe me when I say, “I am not strong.” Perhaps to some, I am strong coz I faced few dark times in my life and I survived. Well, it took something out of me. Just that I am not able to say what it is that have been taken. Funny when I think about it. I am not perfect. Nobody is. Feeling something a part of you is missing, that’s normal. I know it is. At least we all felt it once. At least. And I shouldn’t be so dramatize about it. But yeah, this is my blog. And I can write anything that I feel, anything I want, anything I choose to.

And I think, this is all for now, LOL! I got to burn few DVDs to empty-up my disk space so I could install any games without them being stuck whilst I’m on it. And yeah, I can see that few fellows who read this piece of junk here and worry about me and asking me to stop thinking bout all these crappy feelings. Well guys, I can’t. It comes and goes whether I like it or not. And each time they come, it wants MORE! It creep the hell out of me. Yeah, right!


  1. itu gmba kau kt midvalley ! eleh aku tau . hahah . aku pon ade . wekkk . hahahahah .