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How I Used Up My Money?

Been skipping myself for a whole week?! That’s not good! NOT good at all… Ha-ha! Well, as any fat lazy ass would have – EXCUSES!! Honestly, my pc went blank… It just went off like a toy robot out of batteries. Sudden shock to me, of course! Baah~! So now, I do nothing at home… Manage to spend almost all my money by going out with Riq, Miza and few bucks for myself.

It has been another month since I last saw Riq.

He’s giddy as always. For a reason why I love looking at him; staring for hours I mean! Ha-ha! I love seeing him when he’s happy… I don’t know; it just calms me down whenever I see him… Or is that what people in love suppose to feel? That day was presume to be the last day I ever gonna meet him. We both agreed on having a month or two “waiting till I got back on track” thingy (if you did read my last few blogs). The last date went bad as for me, coz it was cut short by his family. Contacting each other, we both still up till now.

And as for that, I linger around MidValley – ALONE after that. Not wanting to go home. So I manage to buy a table lamp for my room and a dresser. And going home by taxi coz I just don’t want too long of a time to be thinking too much if I was in KL Sentral. Rather be going home, and cry as much as I want. Not to mention it was raining… When I got home, I find myself eagerly assembling the dark brown dresser. And yes, the magnificent Bella has done it again! :D

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