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Baah~! Updates

Yes, yes… I know I haven’t written anything interesting here for quite a while. And yes, I’m a lazy fat ass! Even Weeta says so in her blog, LOL! I just don’t feel like writing, that’s all. Well, let me update the things that happened to me these past few weeks. Again, this lazy Bella will explain everything in point-form… Enjoy!

  • “Baah” – is a new phrase that I think I might be using all the time nowadays. Perhaps has the same meaning with “Duh” or there’s no meaning for it… Baah! I will say it whenever I want… To those who don’t know how to pronounce it, ask a sheep to do it for you! Yes, it’s a sheep sound… Ha-ha! Thanks to Matthew for sticking this phrase in my mind… Now I just can’t stop saying them!

  • Photography – is the new crave of mine. The thought of not having or could not owned a Nikon seems to disturbing my sleeps. Well, thanks to EBay and a link given by Azmir, I soon will have my own Nikon D40! Yeah, I know that isn’t much… A typical D40 while others are using D80s. But what the heck! The most important thing is the way I snap a picture… This entire so-called new hobby of mine started when I created my Deviantart account. My Nokia 7610 been stolen by two Indians coming in the office, and I bought a W810i instead (my bestie, Amie helps me on that eventually). Love the camera in an instant! Kept snapping my pictures for Myspace, and then started to take other pictures to post in Deviantart. And yes, people commented and all, hence it got me so excited!

  • New Friends – as for this part yes! Finally this Bella who don’t have too many friends able to make a few out of it... All of them got the same background – Photography! There’s Beck, Marangkepundens and yeah, there’s Ted too! They all been such a doll for helping me making up my mind on what to buy and stuff… and yeah, I’m eagerly wanting to learn Photography from them! Share ideas, etc. You know the math…

  • Abah – as in my Daddy! Still I can’t believe he lend me that specific amount of money just for me to be able to buy that D40 ASAP! Baah! You’re awesome! Am sooo gonna take great pictures out of em!

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