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Goodnight, Goodnight

“You left me hanging from a thread we once swung from together
I’ve lick my wounds but I can’t ever see them getting better
Something’s gotta change, Things cannot stay the same...

I’m sorry, I did not mean to hurt my little girl
It’s beyond me, I cannot carry the weight of the heavy world
So goodnight, hope that things work out all right…”

I don’t know what came up to me yesterday। I sort of wanting something even more complicated from Riq। Commitment; or maybe a complimentary ‘Hey!!-notice-me-I’m-here’ souvenir. Yes! He kills the patience out of me. Ah! But the ‘indecisive-me’ would forgive him and everything would be fine again~! That’s me, people!! And again, the reason why I created this blog, so that people who read the story of my life could at least give me advises. A thing or two that might change my indecisiveness.

I can’t sleep last night. Well, I did offline myself around 10.41 pm. Lying in the dark, try to shut my eyes; but I can’t. Been tossing and turning, changing CDs on my radio, pressing the remote every 5 seconds for a sad song for me to cry to. And there was none. So, I wearily get up, switch on my PC and burn myself a MP3. Took me an hour to choose songs and burn it. Lucky for me though, it does put me to sleep. Not to mention, crying myself to sleep, actually.

Lame old me. Whenever there’s a question about my hobby, I usually would include ‘crying’ in it. Indecisive, melancholic, ah! What else, I wonder. Darn, I need a shrink. Ha-ha! I’m hopelessly lonely and depressed! I want someone who is mine! All mine, always mine… anytime, every time… and it’s hard to find one right now. I know it’s too much to ask. But I really want it! Remember what Riq said before? What I really need is a husband… silly, when I’m begun to think of it. But, he’s got a point there!

Marry me, would you? Yes, I’m asking YOU~


  1. YOSHEEMA11:30 pm

    psh jgn la emo-emo.. :( *hugs*

    i suka the song on your blog. what its called eh??

  2. if you go away by patricia kaas..

    :D huggies to you to!