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Endless Road to Nowhere~

“Who am I to you?” I remembered asking Riq this question. It’s a ‘killer’ one, I supposed. The kind of question you’ll be scared of answering if you are not certain about it. And he said vaguely, “I don’t know…”

True enough, I guess. I don’t know why I’m having this feeling of being a puppet on a string; and he’s the one who’s holding it. Not gripping it hard, just barely. Well enough for me not to go away. One thing I ‘admire’ him is the sense of him wondering away ALWAYS, but returning at the RIGHT time. One hell of a man – THAT is what you are Riq. Praise you!

Ash said to me quite a few times if I’m not mistaken, “He done all those things to you, make you sad… and there you are, STILL! If that is not LOVE, then what is it?" Here I am, writing right now and asking to you who read this… What is it? Is it Love? The only ‘other’ thing that I could think of is; quoted by Abigail Van Buren,

"While forbidden fruit is said to taste sweeter, it usually spoils faster."

Ah! A forbidden fruit did sound gay to describe Riq. But for now, let’s put it that way… ha-ha! I don’t know why, but Robert Frost’s poem did jumped in my thoughts too… `The Road Not Taken` - just in case all of you are wondering. So, did I take the road less traveled? An odd hunch keeps knocking at the door…

Telling me it’s an endless road leading to nowhere!


  1. kakak syg! eventho ku tidak berape nk fhm, tp ku tahu perasaan kakakku ini. semoga dikau ceria2 selalu di samping jejaka yg tersayanh. dan juga daku. teeeheeee ;D

  2. hihihi~
    adek sayang.. thankies ye.. hugs hugs she... i do hope one day that person would come into my life.. at the right time & moment to save me from drowning..