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Hollow ~!

Waking up in the morning and getting myself ready to work. For me, it’s just another typical day. The time seems to move rather slowly today! It’s only 4.30 pm and I’m stuck here doing almost nothing. Yes, there are works that ought to be done, but I’ve finished all of them before 3. And now there’s nothing to do here in the office. What a day!

Tonight, I need to have a good resting. Stay awake up till 2 am last night. And yes, I’ve indulge into few errands for my friends. Two page designing and one MP3 burning. Ah! My mouth always says things that I don’t really mean. Or maybe, I am bored at home doing nothing! Riq said once to me, “What you need is a husband! You really need a husband…” and ended his words with a big giggly laugh.

If you befriended me, you shall know what he means by that. Ha-ha! I’m the one who always loves to be alone. But at the same time sad about the same freaking reason! God knows how I enjoy spending my weekend crying in my room and listening to sad songs and imagining dramatic things that could happen to me. Call me a freak, a psycho. Well, maybe I am…


Tonight, I cried while singing to `You're My Everything` by Santa Esmeralda. There's nothing in my mind at that time, but somehow my voice started to tremble and a tear falls down. How many laughters burst thru me, how many smiles carved on this lip of mine... There's no doubt, I'm HOLLOW inside...

Is there anyone for me out there?

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