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Life is Simple

But nobody says it was going to be easy as well. *chuckles*

I really miss writing and flowing all my thoughts here. And yet, knowing that the fact that I barely could write anything at all right now; I just hope that it won’t stop me doing so. Nobody’s would be too eager to read a blog entry which is long when nowadays they would just enjoy browsing through simple, cute and extremely funny cartoon snippets. At least I do.

Then again, I feel like few couple of months my life has been scratched out from my memory. Wait; make it a year or so – just because I don’t write anymore. Well, some of other unfortunate events and moments I did wrote em down either on my tumblr(s) – yup, I got more than just 1 tumblrlog. And I put some on my Notes @Facebook also. I wrote quotes and even poems. Lots of em.

Oh man, this truly SUCKS big time! I really need to brush up everything and be back on track. When I went back browsing thru my archive, I noticed it’s not just about me writing up silly thoughts of mine, or sharing to the whole world bout my personal life. It’s about me knowing myself. It’s about me stating and realizing who I am; who I’ve become. 

Sometimes it showed me how fragile a being could be and amazingly how strong they bloomed right after the fall. Not that I am an important person in this lifetime, not that I am a role-model or heck Lady Gaga. But, all these little entries; all these summaries of my life, every tiny-shattered-fragment of them is ME. And I need to keep ME going. 

Yes, Life is simple – but nobody says it was going to be easy as well. But it doesn’t stop you from facing and living it. Now, would the glass be half empty or half full after this? *ponders quietly*