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The Importance of Being Idle

Human race; that’s what we’ve been known for centuries.  It’s a race here, both you and I in right now.  A competition to survive.  Being said and done, this race we all lived in, at times changed who we are.  Mold us into something we might not even imagine.  Some for better, others; loses their grounds.

I love the thought of being an achiever.  It’s like having a golden ray of spotlight shines down on you, with you smiling widely; careless of the world’s troubles.  Having people acknowledging you on how much progress you’ve done and how they adore what you’ve gained.  However, it is always easier to say than to do.   

Have you ever tried too hard to be on top, that it hurts you in the end?  I have.  And at times, when you just sit back and think through about it, there’s nobody pushing you; competing with you. There’s none.  Mostly it’s just your heart talking, your insecurities emerging.  

Yes, our fragile little hearts; at times could drive us nuts.  Having us worried and entertain us with so much doubt.  And yes, it’s heartache to carry all those doubt all around you wherever you go.  Therefore, being idle is the best solution for all these problems.  There’s no use of clueless rampaging; because none of it would bring either one of you smiling.

I need to go back to my old times and learn to be idle. Being idle is super awesome as far as I can remember :D

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