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Constant Surprises

Yes, yes I know... I haven't been updating my blog for quite a while..

Was busy with clients and such.. BUT, here's for your viewing pleasure!

Thanks to Fadlisham (a very talented photographer, fun to be with and very random) and Yana (my lil sis)to help me with my outdoor photoshoot with this lovely couple :D

Youtube Version - See Original Version thru HQ (high quality)

Or on Blogger to those people whose office are blocking YouTube :P

can i use this reason for my un-update blog this few weeks?

LOL! enjoy! :D


  1. nice video/slideshow. Great concept, its the song from Yasmin Ahmad's isnt it?


  2. yup :D song by Yasmin Ahmad..
    with Pete Teoh's help i think..

    sang by Aizat - Just One Boy :D
    the Talentime OST is out last month me think..

    so yeah! buy it!
    all the songs are nice :D

  3. Sangatla seronok video ni.. Photos and moment semua pon best.

  4. teehee :D thankies dear :)
    i baru2 blajar still :D