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Deeper Conversation

What have I been doing the last few days back? Thanks to Cik Sunshine, I’m able to enjoy great stocks of melancholic songs *wink* and as Love comes knocking at my door, all those mixed-up feelings flows in and out again. It feels like a well-capped glass bottle in the middle of an endless sea. Being pushed down by the waves and pulled up by the gravity.

I kept on listening to Yuna (thanks to Fiona for putting a link to download), and also Kokokaina (introduced to me by Cik Sunshine). Somehow, they remind me of Eisley too at times. It fun to know that we have these talents among our Malaysians *smiles* Ok, so last week I went to Youth ’09 at PWTC on Sunday. It was FUN :D and disappointing at certain levels.

The plan of the day was to go there for a while and find Yuna’s EP, see a dear friend who I’ve missed so much *winks at maviceplaytoy*, snap a few pictures then go to Midvalley and watch movies. Eventually when I got there (with Najmi, my Facebook friend), the place wasn’t as crowded as I imagined. Hence, I decided to stay longer :D Najmi was happy *LOL* And so, the journey begins. Saw the UOX booth and started searching for a single shiny bald head for me to poke his tummy. After going around the booth saw him getting started with Guitar Heroes? *Tapping his arm and he turns around* YAY! And what a big big hug I got! Few pats on the head too *smiles* thanks for that, darl… You know how much I need all that XD Snappy few pictures of him and move on to see other things.

There’s the Battle of the Bands – which few of the bands were awesome. Coolies, the bands were singing Damien Rice song, Phantom of the Opera and… Erm, well I’m not a big fan of loud, rock music… those are the two songs that I have heard of. Ouh! I saw High Voltage? Then I saw Bubu as the drummer… and finally I saw Sheena snapping pictures at the other side of the stage. *LOL* After that, went upstairs and ate Twisties Lurve thingy… I love it, of course. There’s not much a thing going on up there, so we went back down to the main hall.

Mingling with the snakes at Rakan Muda booth :D Now, THAT’S FUN! Pythons, mangrove snakes all around me… Ah! How I wish Damien would grow as big as them XD Collected few freebies at Don’t Panic! booth. Went to the Street Dance Workshop to see the cute nerdy Chinese girls and boys dancing and jingling their buttocks ;) OUX baldy did drop by for a while he’s having his lunch break to meet me there. We chatted and teased about little stuff while enjoying all the swinging butts in front of us. Around 2.30 pm, he went back to his booth, whilst I and Najmi continue watching the Street Dance competition till 4-ish. That’s when my “boolat” tummy starts grr-rum-bell-ling!

So I texted my boyfriend,*cough* asking where he is. He said he’s here (finally), so I wanted to see him first before going anywhere else. Met him at the entrance door and talked for a while. Saw Hellmy too. Baldy saw me there and I called him to meet my boy (wah, can I say baldy all the time? It really sounded cute for you lah, darl… Not on any grounds to ejek you ok… You kan memang comel… haha! And you know I never call you by your name kan kan :P ) – and yes, I remembered my face when I called you to come over x_x *ROFL* Talky a bit bout him wanting to do that ‘look-I’m-standing-on-my-head-everywhere-I-go’ signature picture after we all comes back after late lunch.

Thankies lah Najmi for the Pizza-Hut… Lalala! Ouh and if you guys are eating at Pizza Hut, The Mall, do look for Budin :D he’s awesome! Hahaha! After burping and such, went back to PWTC and meet Wani, Baim, Jasmine and others at LomoWall :) Got huggies and kissies from Wani and Jasmine, when Najmi courage himself to go and talk to Yuna, Double-YAY! Najmi got himself Yuna’s EP and autographed by the lady herself :D Lepaking at Open Mic section to see up till Wani’s performance. Somewhere at that point, I felt like crying XD ahh! Shiessh!

Without saying goodbye (for reasons that I won’t share here in my blog), me and Najmi went straight to see Love Me Butch performing at Hall 2. Swarming myself with all those people and sounds to kill the pain inside, hell – IT DOES NOT WORK! And Love Me Butch lyrics doesn’t help either XD haha! My savior, si Baldy came to the rescue. I don’t think with him I need to tell everything… he just knows *smiles and pats my head*

Yuna’s performance was awesome and she sounded better performing live! Bunkface was great too XD All and all, the even t was great :D Ouh, and thankies again for sending me home, ya darl *smiles* seriously I don’t know what to do lah =.= for all the pictures you can go to my Facebook photos – Youth 2009 album :D

And ouh! Matthew said that he would manage to pull some few strings and perhaps bought a ticket few years later to come here and visit me! *wishful thinking*

p/s : when could we finally have a deeper conversation, love?

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