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Alfie : "See, compliments when least expected"

Sweet talking, compliments, everybody loves it. Man, woman have been using it since God knows when to innocently expressing what they feel or even to flirt and lure whoever they want. It made you blush, smiles, and most importantly that warm fuzzy feeling that fills your heart. Made you feel better, feel loved, made you feel you’re somewhat important and it’s good to be living. ROFL! Yeah, that sounded a tad overly dramatic *chuckles*

I’m one of those people who hate compliments. I remembered at the old days, I would reply each and every compliments with an “Eleehhh…”. A gesture of saying “yeah, right LOL”. And then, one of the things I learned in my study years, “Always say thanks when people complimenting you”. Hence, then forward, I did. Though there are times that I still use the old gesture whenever I feel that the compliments are too big for me; or whenever I feel that I’m not worthy of it.

Most of my friends who knows me pretty well would say I’m too modest for my own good. I guess in a way, it IS a bad thing indeed. Somehow other people perception of me would be that I am lacking of confidence. Heck, I don’t know. That’s just me, I guess.

And like SOME who knows, I’m a big sucker for most proper English conversations. Yeah, I know I’m not that good with English, but it doesn’t hurt to be drooling for one *winks* I easily fall for someone who speaks proper English, who corrects my grammar and who uses words that makes me Googling for its meaning. Therefore, any stupid perverted man who flirts with me in Malay, would unfortunately be neglected. Chit-chattering with no valid points with silly low-graded jokes too would be neglected. Ah! Talking about jokes, that reminds me of Russell Peters. You guys should REALLY REALLY Google him up :D and watch his videos! Now, THAT’s FUN! Talking all the time how big is my breast or how perfect it would be if it’s in your squeezing-reach is a SELF-KICKING-YOU-AWAY from moi. *LOL* babytalks, too much of abbreviations are such a turn off too.

Haha! Ok, what the heck am I gibberish-ing about right now exactly? Let me stop myself right now before I go more into poetry and sonnets, Shakespeare, Tennyson or Christina Rossetti x_x
Oh, by the way, how is your New Year’s celebration? Me, like always; sitting at home doing nothing. I’m not a big fan of crowded places and being suffocated with too many happiness and joy. Huahuahua! I tend to feel oh-so lonely! Melancholic, melancholic, lalala~


“No darling, you’re lovely
In fact you’re a man’s dream and fantasy rolled into one
You’re beautiful and smart, you’re sexy to boot, your smile melts hearts

And you're all woman
You love your man and you'd do anything for him

You’re a romantic
And you fill everyone’s heart with hope and wonder
You’re sugar and spice and everything nice”

- A lovely friend said it to me few days back. How it makes me smiles a lot. Thank you, darling. It means a lot to me. No flirty, sweet talking… A naked compliment when LEAST expected *smiles*


I am worried still bout my HUKM result. Gonna have my appointment on the 7th. And I need to find a new place to stay. I’m thinking about renting my own house. We’ll see how far that would go, yes? My housemate finally being such a pain in the ass… Who’s volunteering to help me move out? *ROFL*

And out of all those mess, I love my life right now. I got all my lovely friends who cares and love me, I got no enemies; as far as I could think of – even those who involves with me the last time became good friends afterwards. And I’m with someone who loves me and believe it or not, it grows deeper each time *blushes* (well, on my side... idk bout him LOL!)
Still learning about him though :)

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