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Daddy’s Big Girl :)

And I was celebrating Father’s Day without him. Nah, he’s alive still, just he wasn’t there to celebrate it with us. He said he went to Sungai Congkak to join the Police Cadet for their trainings. Not joining em perhaps, more like monitoring. Sarjan Major Juhari Ishak, could someone go and clarify whether there’s training over there last weekend. YES, sorry but I don’t really believe him nowadays. Few friends of mine know why.

But then again, I love him still. So last weekend I went out with my lil sister, Yana to MidValley to find few presents to give for him for Father’s Day *SMILES* lastly we bought these for him :D

A Spawn from The Immortal series and a Nike Dry Fit Shirt says “You Rest – I Train”. Well, I and sister think it suits him since he’s a badminton coach etc. Ah! Spawn collections, yes… That was my fault filling my dad’s rack and cabinets with those dolls :) I love Spawn and my dad loves art. I love how it is detailed made from head to toe, from the weapons to the robe he wore. It always *jaw drops* me :P

I think am gonna borrow some of his Spawn thingy and go snap few pictures lah :D gonna be awesome… Teehee XD I think he got more than 14 of it all now and few Mc Farlene’s Dragons. I’m not that into dragons *LOL* as for me, I’ll continue writing later. Too many things need to be done… Yes, a never-ending work -_-“ Ouh, how bout seeing this for a while :) I love both of these right now :D ENJOY!


  1. spawn adalah sangat kool.

  2. yup they are!
    love things that have so many details on it.. :)

    u collect em too, jasmin?