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Pretty Woman :)

Bah! I’m actually busy at the moment. Job tenders, POs kept coming in. Not for me obviously, but for the company I’m working with. Anyhow, wanna know what’s new? Well, firstly - my bestie finally decided to have his blog! Yes, yes! His own freaking blog that are updated more often than mine! *LOL* now am gonna ask him to make a new blog account since he’s still using blog in Myspace. But yeah, that’s a start – right?

Another “marking” has been done by Malaysian last week :) Yes, the KL Freeze thingy. Awesome, ain’t it? Well, I did know about it a day before the event is going to be held. But idk, don’t really feel to participate in it. Probably coz of the rainy season and I need to go by public transport. But hell yeah! I’m supporting ANYTHING with good cause. Now, I don’t have to write up about KL Freeze since I’m 100% sure by now you guys could Google em up :D And if you didn’t manage to be a part in last week Pavilion’s KL Freeze, there’s gonna be another on at Sunway Pyramid, tomorrow at 8 pm!

I got my new CPU early this month. As for THAT, forgive me for not telling it earlier. Kinda slips my mind. My bestie and I went to Alam Sentral and bought if in an instant! Since my bosses gave me RM1K immediately on Friday :D God, I’m bloody blessed for having them as my bosses. They’re cool and they treat me like a friend :) or a child? Idk. Teehee XD And my bestie quoted in his blog that he’s glad that I finally would stop bugging him *ROFL* Yeah, right… I’m bugging you STILL don’t I?

* * * * *

(Updates!) My CPU might have been struck by lightning! Puki for that! Ha-ha! I was upset all night long. Lucky my bestie left his lappy at my place, hence I manage to do few browsing here and there :D when I woke up, got a MMS by Matthew :P A picture of him in the car, gonna miss him for the weekend; he’s going back to see his Mum and settles his car insurance thingy. Then I found this in deviantART :)



  1. soooo lucky, If only my boss would do ths samething for me too.

  2. teehee XD

    am thankful to have em as my bosses :) hubby & wife..
    both are great ppl :)

  3. pretty woman :D. bagusla..keje jgn tensen2 kang dgn bos2 jd model ko nnt :P

  4. pretty woman :D. bagusla..keje jgn tensen2 kang dgn bos2 jd model ko nnt :P

  5. ahah! dorg dh penah jadi model i dlu.. :P

    tp xupload pun pic dorg lg.. haha!

  6. Hello, thank you for your passage on my blog and for the translation!
    Fortunately how the images have their own languages! @ see you soon I hope!

    Coucou, merci de votre passage sur mon blog et pour la traduction !
    Heureusement que les images ont leurs propres langages ! @ très bientôt j'espère !

  7. teehee XD
    i'm going to put your link in my blog so i can come over everytime :)

    nice knowing you, poulili :D

  8. Thank you §:))))