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Not So ‘Happy’ New Year [P2]

2nd of January, 2008. I insisted him to talk. Startle. I hate someone startling. Its either they’re telling lies, or did something wrong. In his case; BOTH. Here’s how our conversation when through…

Me: Ok sayang, just tell me…

Riq: I, I donno how to say this… I…

Me: Just tell me, sayang… I think I can handle this… Try me! If you’re not telling, it’s gonna make mad even more so.

Riq: Erm… Ok, few weeks back I went out like always. Picking Deela up. Then Deela ask me, wanna bring Anne along? Then I ok aje lah. We went to pick Anne at her house.

Me: Hurm… Ok, then?

Riq: Then pulang around 5am gitu, I send Deela home. After that baru hantar Anne pulak. Erm… then when we infront her house, Anne kissed me.

Me: Anne kissed you? Hurm… Ok, did you kissed her back?

Riq: Ape aje!

Me: Did you kiss her back? You, a pretty girl kisses you… you kiss her back tak? You should la sayang…

Riq: No, I don’t la… argghh! Semua ni pun I lagi confuse. And you! You should be mad right now. And why aren’t you? Ok, I lagi takut macam ni… You should be mad right now.

Me: I donno. I’m not that surprise, maybe. Nothing you do surprise me anymore sayang. Not after all the things happened last year. I donno… It seems that I can take all of these. Sambung balik, then, how is she? Ape you buat after that?

Riq: Ermm… I push her slowly then told her it was late, she should get home. Then she pulang, I pun pulang to my house la.

Me: What happen after that? Did she call you? I told you before kan, sayang. I told she gonna fall for you. You’ve been so nice to her and all, she got problems with her boyfriend and there you are for her…

Riq: YOOU!! I biasa-biasa saje dengan she. We don’t even talk bout this emotion thingy. We talk hours and hours of general stuffy aje! Sayang, I donno what to do… *sigh* Tell me what to do, sayang…

Me: You, seriously… Do you like her? Ok, let me talk to you as a friend yeah… If you like her, then ok la. But if you don’t, tell her. You jangan nak sakitkan hati orang lain pulak, sayang. She’s young. Then with her boyfriend lagi macam tue, now she likes you… If you seriously don’t like her, tell her! You need to tell her sayang, things like this, you cannot leave hanging, it gives her hope. Ok?

Riq: Hurmm… seriously you, I donno what happened. Gosh!

Me: Relax la sayang, you tak kena marah with me pun… Yang you nak worried nape?

Riq: All these la, it just happened you know. And you seems can take it. This is not right.

Me: Sayang, did you notice the whole year you put me through? I’ve been sad the whole year sayang… You really want me to start this year being sad juga ke? I can take this, don’t you worry. If you said she kisses you and you don’t kiss her back, then it’s fine. Just that whatever thingy you wanna tell her, you like her or not, tell her now. Don’t let her wait. Tak baik buat orang camtu. Sakit dia nanti.

Riq: Ermm… Ok sayang, I will.

And with that, we said our goodnight as usual. And I love you as usual. I sleep, and in my sleep I think that everything is gonna be alright…


  1. well..
    honesty is the best way i guess
    i had a tough time.. pouring out my confusion

  2. well, he's not eventually.. he didn't push her away.. it was her 1 month thingy with that girl eventually after i found out the next day of it..

    they been close since November and start dating December.. so yeah.. he's totally not being honest.. baah~ marilah sakit bersama Molly sayang :)