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Two-O-o-Eight, Flying High?

Here I am, as I predicted; in my room writing another entry of my blog. I just got back from dinner with my bestie, Amie. Yes, there’s few people I know ask me to join them today on the so-called “New year’s Eve” celebration. Well, usually I don’t go even if I can. I can’t see the point of it. Now I only got a few minutes to list down my new year’s resolution. So, here it goes!

  • To be HAPPY and getting rid off any sorts of elements that makes me UNHAPPY, and yes, this implied to HUMAN as well.
  • To be a tad optimistic about myself. And bear in mind that people are not perfect. And it’s not MY FAULT things happen that way. Well, not ALWAYS.
  • To be freaking REALISTIC about life. I know the fact of real life, but I tend to dream more than that. And in the end, I would be the one who’s shattered into pieces. Yes, LESS WISHIN and HOPIN’.
  • Being in love is hard, so yeah, I think I better start all over again. Men, Women, I am SINGLE and AVAILABLE physically (mentally, perhaps would take time). So yeah, DATE me! LOL!!
  • Work harder and get more organized. Really need these things done! And at the end of this year, I’m gonna ask my boss for a raise!
  • Always learn to clean up my room and do laundry more often. Gussy up myself more, coz I never know what the day would lead us to. *GRIN* (getting the hang of optimistic I guess).
  • Learn more new things about PHOTOGRAPHY, PHOTOSHOPPING, plus DRAWING; and make use of the things that I bought CAMERA, LENS (thanks, Teddy), COLOUR PENCILS, DRAWING BLOCKS.
  • READ all the books that I bought!!!! And I got 10 of them not read!
  • WATCH all the DVD’s that I bought too!! Gosh, you don’t want me to name all of them! Too many!
  • SETTLING debts! Yes, got few of them… sorry you guys. I’m trying here!
  • MANAGE a better financial account for myself! I want to prove to my bestie that I can do this!
  • Thru all the hard work, camera-whoring, dating, I still hope I still am BELLA; and in LOVE with MYSELF. And still remembers who I really am, where I start off and people that help me along the way.

So those are my new year’s resolution. And next year at the same time and place, hopefully, we will do the same checklist whether or not I did all these things. And I promise, I won’t lie a bit! Last word, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, and yes, may 2008 bring more the life in me!


  1. yeah kakak ! semoge azam baru ko tercapai . aku pon ade byk gle buku yg x terbace lg . beli je lbh . penuh kan rak aku je . hahah

  2. tukar cake sama rak buku ahh..
    rak aku dh penuh.. hahah!