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I Realize [Part II]

Whenever we’re on a date (which is countable!), I always feel as though he's analyzing every part of me, from the shift of my eyes, to the way I sit, the way I bite my lip, the way I fidget with my fingers, the way I walk and the way I speak. I’m afraid he will see through me; he will pierce through my thin masquerade. And definitely, my last face-to-face conversation with him made me think of something particularly important!

Knowing the fact that he already pierced through my thin masquerade – I guess. It scares me at first, but he assured me. “If it’s something bad, I won’t be here wouldn’t I?” Not knowing what he thinks of me, somehow I just need to trust myself. Eh! It’s almost 2 a.m. and my eyes are ‘half-awake’. Ha-ha!

No matter how annoying it has been, I accepted it with an open heart, because under the surface of nonchalance, I still care for him. Deeply care for him. As for this very moment, I am happy with the choice I made. To wait for him; once and for all – killing all the ‘what if’ questions that probably would flicker through this head of mine!

What ever happens next, my darling Riq, forget you I will not, call me stubborn or stupid, but I won’t. Because I know; to pretend is the worst crime to commit... No matter how far you try to drive me, no matter what you do to test my love for you, I love you and will always love you... Why? Because my heart has been tried out by fire and came out stronger, that’s why. Enough said.

Just promise me that nothing can take you away from me.

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