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Day 7 : Your Dream Wedding

Oh my!  I should be doing this last Friday, but I totally forgotten about it.  And this is, one of the questions nowadays I would try to avoid.  Coz when I think about it, i get mushy.  And it leads me to daydream about it. Gah... But I'll let you guys know this one time.  Only a few that knows how I would like my dream wedding to be.

A white wedding dress of course; would still be my 1st choice :) But then again, a simple evening dress too would be excellent to me :D  Any color would suit me basically I think, since I got a fair skin.  I don't want to have a heavy make up ! Seriously, I can feel sleepy when those makeups bertepek on my face.  Same goes with my hair.. just let my big curls do its magic :D

As for the place, I would like it to be a garden wedding. Nothing too fancy, but I do want to perhaps say my wedding vows under a big shady tree :) with ribbons or those little white lights. Just like this one here :)

A pretty hand bouquet of white lilies :)
Yes, white lily (mostly any kind, as long as it's white and it's lily)
is my favorite flower :D

Other things that I want, are (wah, pandai la buat dream wedding) :


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