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Thousand and One First Impressions

And here, naively I thought that people would accept you for who you are.  For the good gestures you did, and try to look past all the negativity.  Unfortunately I have now learn that people still count for how they look outside that matter.  

If you go out, wearing a skimpy outfit, people would judge you as some bad person with a bad influence.  While others who wears decently covering themselves with headscarf and “kopiah” would be considered as a good person, a pious one.  

 Mothers would say, “Sejuk mata mak tengok dia pakai macam tu… Boleh jadi menantu baik tue… Pandai kau pilih…” And how many of you saw their relatives who look pious as fuck but end up arguing about taking care of their elderly parents in law or God forbid; their own parents?  How many of you have seen siblings of your mums and dads quarrelling about how the dead parent’s money should be divided on?  How many times have you voiced out – “alah, tengok je pakai alim, tudung la apa la, tapi bukan baik sangat pun…” and didn’t the TV and news shows you how a grandfather wearing a “kopiah” who lives in Kelantan raped his grandchild?

I am not here to condemn.  I am not here to judge. I am here to write what I think from the things that I have seen.  My experiences, has thought me quite enough.  And seriously I am tired to please other people all the time.  I’ve been judged to be a gold-digger by his own mother for choosing to love his son who’s richer than me.  Now I am a woman whose other mother thinks I would give his son a bad influence just by the way I dress.  Well, thank you.  FYI, your son could just collect all the bad habits even without meeting me.

Yes, I am furiously angry.  I know I’m not that good, but I’m not that bad either.  Don’t judge others by the way they look because you have no idea what those other girls who wears their headscarf’s do.  They have desires, they have pussy and boobs, and they surely can do what people without headscarf would do too.  I’ve seen it, and maybe you’ll be surprise too when you finally saw it.  

It really pisses me off, people with this kind of mentality.  I’m writing this post not to argue about the Islamic law of wearing headscarf or so forth.  I’m writing this because I despise those who put others in stereotypes positions. One does what they do because they choose to; named it good or bad.  Not all hookers are bad person and not all priests are pious.  People are people. Don’t label them.

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