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It's a WRAP - Part 2!

Continued from Part 1...

2nd week of that (13th June 09) Me and my friend, Sham when to Azreek and Fiza’s Wedding Reception somewhere in Puchong :D That was great too :) My first official wedding job and I think I did it well :D Both of the bride and groom said they are satisfied with it – getting a feedback like that does ease my mind. And I wouldn’t have the guts to do it if Sham wasn’t there to support me all the way. Here’s a picture of them that I did for the cover album :D

azreek & fiza

On the next day (14th June 09), we both went to Baby Zara’s Cukur Jambul Ceremony at Ara Damansara; yet another new experience for me in this field. The family and their hospitality was awesome and we had so many laughs and giggles together. And that’s Baby Zara with her mum and dad :D Great meeting you guys!

Baby Zara Baby Zara

3rd week (20th June 09), I went back home to Shah Alam along with Fazrul and my little sis, Yana to attend my friend’s wedding ceremony (Hanie & Judo) at Galeri Shah Alam. My unofficial wedding photography was with them, tagging along wedding with Omar, snap few photos just to know how it feels to take be a Wedding Photographer. And that is where Omar and I got closer at some point. Ecewahh! Well anyway, being a wedding photographer is – EXHAUSTING! Nonetheless, I’m glad to know them and follow their bit-to-bit progress from couple to marriage :) Babies, you guys?

Hanie & Judo





Afterwards, we went to Midvalley to watch Monsters VS Aliens 3D just because Yana wants to and then went to KL Sentral to buy train tickets for Fazrul to go back to Kedah :D

* * * * *

On the 4th week (26th June – 28th June 09), I went to Penang with my friend Sham, Intan, Azlong n such :D and we had lunch at Line Clear :D




I wanted to go around the beach side, but this time around it was on the heart of Penang itself. I and Sham ended walking from Hotel Malaysia – Komtar – Padang Kota Lama.


Let there be light eh, Sham?


Oh and I met AJ of the Backstreet Boys! :D Bwahahahaha!




Oh damn, just have to put those pictures :D and I look thinner hiding behind Sham. Gorgeous weii! Ahaha! At night, while others went partying across the street, me and Sham sits back at the hotel room and watch MJ’s Tribute Concert on TV.



The next day we went to Chowrasta Road for us to buy some preservative fruits? Lol! “jeruk” to bring back home :D well, I didn’t buy anything… Not really a fan of jeruk and such.

That’s what I’ve been doing the whole month of June :D and heck it doesn’t stop there :D ROFL!

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