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As usual; whenever people noticed me being lazy, I would apologize and give a few reasoning to assure them that I AM NOT BEING LAZY, especially to Sexy Chewbacca (who claims she even update her blog when she’s sick, ROFL!). I don’t know why, but do you feel that days ended too quickly nowadays? As if we got 12 hours instead of 24. Each 4 hours are for work, play and sleep. And with my hectic day-job, stress coming my way! I’m getting sleepier too, though I went to bed around 10 and woke up around 7.30! Ah! Not to mention the freaking hot Mr. Sunny-Bragging Sunshine : You know I don’t like you, right?

purply me :) - soft pink ayu - white oja - hot pink miza
taken by Oja's Mr. Right :P

So, I wasn’t here in Puchong during the weekend. Went back to my parent’s house, did another latest routine work – attending WEDDINGS! Yes, when I was a kid, I hate attending weddings; not because I hate wedding itself… I hate wearing baju kurung and do my hair, make up etc and go out in the afternoon. I hate sweating like a pig; note that I barely sweat – yes, I’m not physically fit. Calories in and stays here with care and love from me :D they don’t burn away, LOL! Well I guess there’s no excuses when it comes to a friend =.= nonetheless, its kinda cool lah, since she did her wedding in a hall :D no more Mr. Sunny! ;)

So this is my friend since high school – Shahiza a.k.a Oja :D she and her evil smirk ;) and when I say evil, I meant EVIL :D more like kinky I guess :P and I bought her a whip for her wedding YAY!! She did the same exact face when I gave her the present, ROFL! Gosh, I hope his husband can still stand :D

P/s: Ayu, is that nerdy specky best man (pengapit) looking at me?? Ahaha! Perasan aku nieh :P

ouh do click on the pictures to see the larger image :D


  1. waahhh cumelnye ko dgn berbaju kurung!!! :D

  2. diam ahh!! ahahaha!
    tau aku tak post pic tue..